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The Holy Grail of physics with Present PDFEPUB #193 gravity control from theory to applied technology will be found inside this volumeThe inventor was Dr Frederick Alzofon a physicist with a world class reputation in optics and heat conduction who studied particle physics with J Robert Oppenheimer and David Bohm relativity and the scientific method with Victor Lenzen and applied mathematics with GRAVITY CONTROL eBook #212 Griffith C Evans at Cal Berkeley in the s and sAlzofon s theory has the virtue of being visualizable and simple enough to communicate with some old fashioned hand waving and sketches on a paper napkin You will find the paper napkin lecture here as well as the advanced physics you would.

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GRAVITY CONTROL with Present Technology

Expect You will also find experimental proofThe CONTROL with Present MOBI #239 first half of the book considers the implications of the technology for humanity the conuest of space a total revamp of terrestrial transportation and a second Industrial Revolution It will also reduce the causes of global warming while drawing the fossil fuel industry as early adopters Entrepreneurs and engineers should find this part of the book most appealingThe second half of the book dives into the nuts and bolts of the theory and technology Nothing is withheld Flash Nothing is secret either the technology has been around in full public view since Why mainstream science ignored it is one of the themes of the bookIn contra.

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St to other books on the topic of antigravity this one delivers the goods in terms of known physical scienceIf you re not a scientist or an engineer you will not feel left out The theme of the book is accessible to all and it s a popular one hope for humanity But here the hope is based on a world transforming technology The time is ripe for a paradigm shift and this book points the wayThis volume is an update of an earlier book by the same author How to Build a Flying Saucer And Save the Planet occasioned by the publication of The Top Ten UFO Riddles The current volume focuses on the science of gravity control with new chapters on the scientific method and a program to research and develop the technology.

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