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E doctors believed Dani would never recover from such a terrible start in life Then she met the Lierows a uniue blended family who were seeking to adopt a child Despite being warned that she was way beyond hope of a normal life they were instantly drawn to her and sensed a bright light behind her pale complexion When they finally adopted her they sho. Such an amazing story Very hard to put the book down

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Danis Story

Wered Dani with so much affection and encouragement that she came to life for the first time Proving all the experts wrong Dani would go on to open up and express herself in a way that no one could have expected Danis remarkable and heartwarming story is a testament of the power of kindness to overcome even the most seemingly insurmountable challenge. Good story and great people It makes me want to hear how things are now in the life of this child and the wonderful family who adopted her

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Neglected beyond belief rescued by loveDani was so severely neglected by her birth mother that she grew up knowing only sualor She never went to school or the doctor and rarely glimpsed sunlight Desperately malnourished she couldnt talk and had never been toilet trained The social worker who took her into care had never heard of a case so horrific Th. Great book uick delivery as promised

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    I didn't like the book at all since it's beyond human reasoning how any mother could be so cruel to a baby. However this book should be required reading in every jail halfway house and any place where parents go over board to harm little ones. It's also an eye opener to show these children have no voice so someone must do what these lovely people did by adopting her. God bless this family for opening our eye

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    Love this book. Its a page turner. Book came in great condition, no real damage.

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    Great book. Quick delivery as promised

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    Such an amazing story! Very hard to put the book down

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    This is one of the most compelling books I have ever read; I was so deeply touched in so many instances. If you can read this and not be moved, you would have to be dead or callous. Diane and Bernie do not see themselves as

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    A truly beautiful story.Dani a very lucky girl too have found such a wonderful kind caring family.Loved this book.

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    Good story, and great people. It makes me want to hear how things are now in the life of this child and the wonderful family who adopted her.

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    Excellent well worth reading. Very well written. Difficult and disturbing content around the early life of Dani and the abuse and neglect she endured (horrific) before her adoption. The impact of that neglect and understanding what pervasive n

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    Love it' (5*'s) seems a strange thing to say about such a harrowing story. However, it is riveting reading, and one cannot help but admire the guts and determination of the family who decided that come what may, Danielle would become a valued member of their family. If people in the world had their attitude, the world would be a blessed place than it currently is. Very highly recommended book that's beautifull

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    Nothing but the highest respect can be given to the Lierow's. Their love, commitment and devotion to Dani as well as to th

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    Massive pat on the back for Dina and bernie, if it wasn't for my age and disability I would seriously consider giving a child my home and anyone who reads this book would do the same, a truly inspiring story and I hope and pray that Danielle will grow up the wonderful person that she is being allowed to become

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    A very interesting true account of what this couple went through to enable them to adopt Dani. The patience they showed in dealing with someone with such a terrible start in life is remarkable. The book also covers

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