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Summary Friday's Girl

To the idyllic Cornish fishing village of Newbourne to convalesce where Edith meets CelandineCelandine Benyon is a struggling artist who moved to Paris to seek inspiration and fell in love with another painter Sheridan Montague Robertson The couple eloped to Gretna Green after Celandine was disowned by her mother and together they set.

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Friday's Girl

When the famous portrait artist Napier Todd stumbles across Edith Hanson scrubbing floors he is immediately struck by her beauty Within a few weeks Napier and Edith are married and she moves into his large country house much to the envy of the other maids However the marriage is troubled and Edith falls seriously ill Napier takes her.

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Up home in NewbourneBecause Celandine understands Napier's artistic temperament she tries to help Edith with her troubled marriage However although her advice succeeds beyond Edith's wildest dreams it also causes tragic repercussionsAnd with the dangerously attractive Alfred Talisman waiting in the wings will Edith ever find happines.

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    I was afraid this was going to be a bit too Catherine Cookson like a bit 'Women's Fiction y' and although Bingham

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    Great story

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    Great Chick Lit good bedtime read happy ending and all that not too sloppy

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