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Resolve isn't enough to protect any of them and Nya soon realizes that the only way to keep them all out of the Duke's clutches is to flee Geveg Unfortunately the Duke's best tracker has other ideasNya finds herself trapped in the last place she ever wanted to be forced to trus. It was great After my enthusiasm for The Shifter was unshared by my family I got worried that I wouldn t be impressed with the seuel now that the magic system was less novel maybe I would realize that the rest of the book wasn t as fun as I thought I shouldn t have worried Though the magic is still a strong selling point there were many other things that I like in Blue Fire Topping the list is humor The whole story is told with a wry and endearingly understated wit It is easy to share Nya s optimism when one is smiling at her clever jibes I also love Nya for her capabilities and her fallibility Nya is uick on the uptake figuring out everything that the reader does She is resourceful and bold taking things on the fly with only in fiction audacity At the same time she has emotions that not only merit description but also interfere with her judgment even when she doesn t realized it Hardy does an excellent job of giving her first person narrator coherent consistent responses that are believable but clearly irrationalI really like the way this book examines a number of ubiuitous genre assumptions For example one rescue attempt involves grappling hooks and shinnying up ropes These ropes and spikes however are subject to real world physics and employed by less than miraculously adept adventurers They become utilitarian objects rather than a lazy trope to get our heroes on or off the roof In another example fight scene banter is so painfully melodramatic that the characters can t help but wince they know it sounds dumb but it s the best they can come up with under pressureI also enjoy the very uick pacing of the story Things happen uickly with little time for ruminations in between Talking and even thinking are not free actions Nya and her friends are freuently interrupted or surprised when their time and attention are focused on explanation or decision making The uick pace in part means that Nya can struggle with moral dilemmas but not agonize over them The book does not explore the moral issues that it raises and many are bypassed entirely but at least for me it brushes up against enough uestions to send my thoughts in the right directionsI am a bit disappointed that Hardy does not explore the magic system as much as I had expected her to but she does make good use of it And instead of expanding on the uirkers and their abilities Hardy chooses to fill out other aspects of her world There is a well developed culture history and structure behind what the reader sees even though little of it manifests directly in the bookI m looking forward to reading the next one

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T the last people she ever thought she could More is at stake than just the people of Geveg and the closer she gets to uncovering the Duke's plan the she discovers how critical she is to his victory To save Geveg she just might have to save Baseer if she doesn't destroy it first. I LOVE THIS BOOK

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Part fugitive part hero fifteen year old Nya is barely staying ahead of the Duke of Baseer's trackers Wanted for a crime she didn't mean to commit she risks capture to protect every Taker she can find determined to prevent the Duke from using them in his fiendish experiments But. Janice Hardy s BLUE FIRE is book two in The Healing Wars trilogy and man this book escaped MNS with a capital E Do yourself a favor don t read this book before going to sleep I made that mistake and I was lying awake for nearly an hour after all that action I couldn t relaxBasically it s nonstop awesomeIf you didn t read the first book THE SHIFTER let me set it up this way pretend you re reading a preuel to THE HUNGER GAMES and District 13 has just been blown to smithereens and the rebellion s pretty much done the bad guys have won But before there s like decades upon decades of awful Hunger Games under an evil ruler there s this one girl who might be able to prevent all that even though she doesn t realize it And like Katniss she gets pulled into the middle of it all That s where THE SHIFTER begins and BLUE FIRE continues her story Got it Good I rarely read middle grade novels and I generally don t read high fantasies But this is upper middle grade with very high stakes and there are no elves to speak of The world that Janice Hardy has created jumps off the page and envelops youFirst off the entire trilogy s premise is amazing certain people can heal with a touch Great right Take that wonderful sounding idea and make it dark and twisted Buy and sell it Use it in a political war Throw a fifteen year old girl named Nya in the middle of everythingI love Nya for a number of reasons but mostly because I always understand her choices She makes tough ones ones that cause people to die And she gets herself into and out of dangerous situations with complete plausibility Part courage part luck part skill part stubbornness plus a whole dose of sassIn BLUE FIRE Nya begins with the same simple goal that she had in THE SHIFTER keep the people she loves safe Unfortunately because of her uniue ability to shift pain from one person to another an ability that s unfolding into something a bit this is tougher than it sounds The Duke of Baseer the big bad wants her and he ll do anything to get herNya gets pulled deeper into political intrigue further into the war that has ravaged her home and left her an orphan In BLUE FIRE she uestions everything she believes and she realizes that simply protecting her loved ones might not be enoughBLUE FIRE is an action packed middle novel of course it ends on of a cliffhanger than THE SHIFTER with loose ends to tie up but it provides an excellent bridge to book three while being a satisfying story on its ownIf you ve read THE SHIFTER definitely pick up BLUE FIRE which came out this week it s worth it And if you haven t begun THE HEALING WARS yet it s time to startFor reviews other fun book blogging including thoughts on writing author interviews and giveaways check out

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    Janice Hardy's BLUE FIRE is book two in The Healing Wars trilogy and man this book escaped MNS with a capital E Do yourself a favor don't read this book before going to sleep I made that mistake and I was lying awake for nea

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    35 StarsReviewI gotta be honest I read this

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    25 Stars againI'm not uite sure much happens in this book that didn't already happen in the first book Evil people are doing evil things there's a war raging there are riots the world is in shambles and it's up to Nya to save the day again It bugs me a bit still that the people in this book are so black and whit

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    It was great After my enthusiasm for The Shifter was unshared by my family I got worried that I wouldn't be imp

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    Blue Fire is the second installment in the Healing Wars books While I really enjoyed the first book The Shifter I will admit Blue Fire left a little to be desired Nya's powers have continued to develop since book one and she is str

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    Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadToocomNya is on the run from the Duke of Baseer's trackers for a crime she didn't intend to commitThe Duke is using Healers to make an unstoppable army and Nya is determined to stop him But with trackers after her it isn't easy to hide and Nya finds herself trapped in a place she never wanted to be and having to trust people she isn't sure she shouldNya's adventures in BLUE FIRE were even

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    Lost interest and dropped it I might read it later But for now No chance No way This is where our ways part for the time being Au Revoir

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    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I LOVE THIS BOOK❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    the uotes names might be messed up bc i listened to this as an audiobook Responsibility was overrated Sure it sounded good Take control of your own life make your own choices But that also meant you had to pay for your own m

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this book I'd read the previous one a few years ago and its one of those books that can be a bit hard to jump straight into if its been a while since the last one and that's what put me off re

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