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Own importance and her desire for popularity are balanced by her warmheartedness loyalty and bravery Booklist Books A Selectio.

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Little Princess Nina

A vivid colorful story of a little Russian girl who tells of her life in her native Caucasia of her journey to a Mohammedan v.

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Illage to attend her aunt's wedding and of her schooldays in Petrograd Little Princess ePUB #192 Her exaggerated sense of her.

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    Many elements were familiar from other 19thearly 20th century kidlit dead mother and doting father the death scene where a spoiled sickly cousin transforms into a pure angel before giving up the ghost a mild adventure False Accusation at SchoolOn the other hand while our protagonist Nina is of course an Orthodox Christian the treatment of Muslim characters and ethnically Other characters was far tolerant than I'm used to from Anglo Ameri

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