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By Robert McNear Colorless in Limestone Caverns by Allan Seager Untitled by Ken W Purdy A Breath of Lucifer by R K Narayan.

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Masks Author Playboy Magazine

John Cheever Fortitude by Kurt Vonnegut Jr Winter in This Latitude by Rick Rubin The Hat Act by Robert Coover Death's Door.

Characters Masks Author Playboy Magazine

Contents Preface Masks by Editors of PlayboyMasks by Damon Knight Perchance to Dream by Charles Beaumont The Yellow Room by.

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    This is only for the story of Masks In a world where prosthetics are used and nothing is unusual about them this story explores what happens if or when one's entire body is replaced The subject is in a body that is machine and he has some companionship He presents alternative bodies to those in charge and posits that he can do space explora

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    ISFDB 21579 OCLC 319846 LCCN 70147943

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