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He story follows him through his adolescence as he becomes aware of his sexuality and committed to his music This is set a.

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The Cello

'This is who I am whatever they say Tom feels out of place He's attracted to boys not girls and he's a promising cellist T.

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Gainst the background of a witchhunt against suspected paedophiles Through it all Tom moves towards a satisfying resolutio.

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    omg this book was brilliant i read it in about 1 hour and a half couldnt put it down The only thing which i didnt like was the fact they killed off MrWimbush tom's music teacher he was so kind and the book made it feel like he was a real person So sweet funny and gentle I she a tear when he died and the bit at the end when tom is succesfull and he has saved a seat for mr wimbush because he always wanted a ticket to see one of his concerts X