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Shionable hostesses Poor George he doesn't seem to stand a chanceHow George eventually triumphs over the bossy Mrs The Small PDF Waddington makes for a dizzying plot featuring some of Wodehouse's most appealing minor characters Mullett the butler and his light fingered girlfriend Fann. George Finch from Idaho moves to New York and becomes the worst artist the world has ever knownIn Bugsy Malone it was cream buns here the prohibition is strafed by rapid fire witticisms Lovely rom com

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The Small Bachelor

It's America during Prohibition and shy young George Finch is setting out as an artist without the encumbrance of a shred of talent George falls in love with Molly whose imperious stepmother Mrs Waddington insists he's not the man to marry the stepdaughter of one of New York's most fa. Here is a warning followed by a noteDon t you read this tale on a train or a boat There will be no one around with whom you can shareEach bloke will fix you with their perplexed stareThat s what happens on a Wodehouse rideYou will guffaw at each turn and chuckle at each strideCharactersJ Hamilton Beamish is a debonair scholar who is a stickler for proper words used in communication and is a living image of style and grandeur He has booklets giving advice for everything ranging from poultry farming to poetry This character was so well defined that I felt he would point out a serious mistake in this sentence were he to read it He strongly believes that love is an emotion to be felt only after careful calculation and reasoningGeorge Finch is a great friend of Mr Beamish but is strikingly contrasting in personality He is mild docile and has recently fallen in love at first sight with Miss Molly who is a neighbor I class him among Nature s white mice as described by BeamishMullet A butler valet for both these gentlemen and a burglar in his past A man with an abhorrent vocabulary as described by BeamishSigsbee H Waddington He is the richest and meekest personality among all the characters But he literally stands out since he has this eccentric habit of forgetting names He seems to have been kicked by a mule on his head during childhood as described by BeamishMrs Waddington The second wife of Mr Waddington she is a woman of strong personality and dominates everyone in her home and outside as well She has a soul like the underside of a flat stone as described by BeamishStory Any work of PGWodehouse has a wafer thin story line made complex by little side plots bound by hilarious dialogs and odd character descriptions This one is no different How George Finch manages to gain entry into the family pursues his lady love in his own blundering ways and marries her forms the crux of the story After reading this book in hard copy I also listened to the audio version narrated by renowned actor Jonathan Cecil Exclaiming at the twists stammering for the weak characters dialogs speaking with elouence for the stronger ones and providing voice overs to the vast number of individuals the narrator has made the listening experience thoroughly enjoyableThe entire book is filled with uotable uotes listing a few of themMarriage is not a process for prolonging the life of love sir It merely mummifies its corpseHe had that extra four or five inches of neck which disualifies a man for high honors in the beauty competitionI could make a poet out of far less promising material I could make a poet out of two sticks and a piece of orange peelMy Opinion It has always been a tremendously difficult task to review the works of PG Wodehouse His books pose a big challenge for reviewing due to their complex plots and hilarious misunderstandings among characters The rich vocabulary usage laced with meticulous similies and laughable yet plausible character descriptions make this dish extremely enjoyable

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Y J Hamilton Beamish author of the dynamic Beamish Booklets Officer Garroway the poetic policeman and Sigsbee H Waddington the hen pecked husband who longs for the wide open spaces of the WestOh and does Prohibition mean there's no booze In a Wodehouse novel You'll have to wait and se. Another ridiculous and hilarious story Best read by Jonathan Cecil on audio

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    Very funny One of Wodehouse's better stand alone booksJuly 2018 reread no change to my opinion

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    Here is a warning followed by a noteDon’t you read this tale on a train or a boat;There will be no one around with whom you can s

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    I didn't enjoy The Small Bachelor as much as the Jeeves book I read though it did help with the Jeeves book that I

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    Turns out I don't really enjoy the Wodehouse stories set in the US that much There English setting adds a charm that is missing in the NY based stories It was funny but not the hysterical how can this all come together funny that we come to expect from Wodehouse

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    For some reason I have never read anything by P G Wodehouse before and so started with this one on the recommendation of a friend Thank you NancyIt was utterly delightful I love the way that Wodehouse piles one absurdity on top of another un

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    George Finch from Idaho moves to New York and becomes the worst artist the world has ever knownIn Bugsy Malone it was cream buns here the prohibition is strafed by rapid fire witticisms Lovely rom com

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    I believe it was the feminist critic Jermaine Beer who argued Plum’s plots moving toward marriage reflect the patriarchal need to restrain fe

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    Another ridiculous and hilarious story Best read by Jonathan Cecil on audio

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    Definitely not the finest work of Wodehouse The same old formula of situational comedy but lacking the endearing uality that often accompanies his scenes and characters Even the usual wordplay wasn't that good

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    Good old Wodehouse This was a fun one with lots of great wordplay and hilarious characters I lost track of how many times I stopped to read sections out loud to my husband Wodehouse's talent for elaborate exaggeration is one of the things I love most about his writing Instead of simply stating that George Finch's future mother in law was giving him dirty looks at the dinner table Wodehouse put it this way It was the kind of look which Sis

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