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Last few decades and the dire The Land MOBI #224 impact on America's young A long time professional in science fiction fantasy and horror Linaweaver considers The Land Beyond Summer to be his most imaginative work He has won awards and been on best seller lists but he says that none of that work drew from the place of his deepest dreams Land is uniue in his output and too controversial for conventional publishers of books for Youn.

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The Land Beyond Summer

G Adults The story is about a brother and sister's adventures in a dimension where the seasons are physical countries They are on a mission to rescue their parents who are imprisoned there The uest they undertake is a challenge to their very souls The fate of the seasons hangs in the balance Readers of CS Lewis will recognize the issues at stake while fans of HP Lovecraft will feel right at home with Linaweaver's bizarre creatures.

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Fay and Clive knew they were in trouble when they were abducted into another world where their grandfather was an evil wizard They found the new surroundings disturbing than the fact that Grandfather was dead For one thing there was no sun but there was eternal light And then there were the monsters This new fantasy from a master of horrific suspense deals with a topic that is anything but fantasy the soaring divorce rates of the.