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    There's a Hella PlanetThat's hella dope

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    There are lots of interesting elements here like the exciting colony world of Hella and the social structure that has evolve

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    35 starsHella is a hella big place It’s a large planet where due to lower gravity as compared to Earth living things grow to crazy huge size And there are dinosaurs And they’re HELLA gigantic Herbivorous leviathans migrate across the plains slowly stomping over everything in their path and hungry carnosaurs attack them in groups feasting for days on the huge carcasses that they manage to bring downHella is not the m

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    Got this as advance copy I plunged into the story headlong barely coming up for air Written from first person narrative hard to maintain for most authors the protagonist is a teenager with uniue problems and skills He was born on Hella yet Earth is in his very genes Hella has its own ecology not just hostile to

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    Three and a half dinosAs I said in a previous review I am a big fan of monster movies So when I knew that Hella was a planet with giant dinosaurs in it I bought it the same day it was published The fact is that I had a wrong or rather uninformed expectation of the novel Hella is clearly a young adult book and this not the style of

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    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ’s no secret that I love colonization sci fi There’s just something about the thrill and adventure of settling on an uncharted world that appeals to me including the challenges of setting up a new governing system learning about the planet’s environment and discovering its native and often dangerous fauna and flora I also adore survival stories in general so naturally I find myself drawn to a book li

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    This is one Hella of a bad book Avert your eyesDavid Gerrold may be the victim of his stunningly early success winning a Hugo nomination for his first ever work the script for ST TOS’s “The Trouble With Tribbles” then getting re write credit on the ST TOS episode about the cloud dwellers and the troglodytes then publishing th

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    Hella is a human colony planet that's had many waves of colonists over generations fleeing a troubled Earth But life on H

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    “These are the people who screwed up Earth and then ran away They’ll do the same here” 45 stars A lot of interesting ideas and a very uni

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    Great subject but hard to get intoI Love Sci fi so reading this book was a no brainer As a member of Goodreads I was gifted the book and really wanted to like it However it was extremely hard for me to get into Kyle narrates the story for us and at times it was painful I felt like I was listening to a monotone lecturer trying my best to stay awake Once I got into the story about a hundred pages I realized th

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Ain of a thousand new arrivals bringing with them the same kinds of problems they thought they were fleeingDespite the dangers to himself and his family Kyle is in the middle of everything in possession of the most dangerous secret of all Will he be caught in a growing political conspiracy Will his reawakened emotions overwhelm his rationality Or will he be able to use his uniue ability to prevent disaster These are the people who screwed up Earth and then ran away They ll do the same here 45 stars A lot of interesting ideas and a very uniue narrative perspective It s pretty hard sci fi which is usually hit or miss for holding my attention Fortunately I really connected with the characters and the story and especially the world which was so bizarre that it kept me enthralled throughout even during the super detailed world building parts that probably could be viewed by some as info dumps I think the success has a lot to do with our narrator Kyle a boy who is emotionally challenged in a way similar to autism That s one of the things about my syndrome I don t think about other people enough Gerrold does such a good job with this narrator s uniue voice I love Kyle Really I love most of the characters Jamie and the Captain and Dora and Jubilee they re all great This is a very smart well thought out story world and character development Gerrold thought of everything Hella is a fully developed and wildly complex world and I was fascinated from the start although it did take me about 30 pages to be at the can t put the book down stage There are some pretty controversial ideas that are dealt with very thoughtfully For example the politics can be intense There s a proposal for a Genetic Protection Resolution that would basically cull anyone without perfect genes which means anyone born like our narrator would be aborted although it probably would never get to that point because DNA would be very carefully selected to weed out certain undesirable traits Welfare type issues capitalism environmental conservation and classism are also brought up It was all so well done and handled in a way that parallels our modern struggles and failures in a very accurate and ugly reflection The most important uestion to ask before you introduce any new law is this What problem will this law solve Who does it make life better for If it doesn t help everyone it s a bad law Hella has a very strong LGBT presence Switching genders is normal for people and you can go back and forth presumably as many times as you want Our main character was born female and switched when he was about 7 Earth years old almost 3 Hella years old and don t worry there s a time conversion chart in the back of the book His mom was born male and switched to female so she could have children although most babies aren t born naturally any she just wanted to experience it There are poly couples too It was all so organically written and Gerrold did a great job with this The representation is awesome especially how well he did writing from the perspective of an emotionally challenged boy Normal is a delusion There s no such thing as normal there s only ordinary And I m not ordinary either I am what I am and it s fine with me so why can t it be fine with everyone else I read an uncorrected version so I m not sure if this is something that might change but in my copy there aren t any chapter breaks The entire book is like one very long chapter I thought I would hate it but it didn t end up bothering me because I got sucked into the story so thoroughly and it all just flowed together so smoothly The narrative voice worked well with this kind of format and writing style The dialogue was one of my favorite things about this book because Kyle is such a uniue character He s funny without trying to be serious 100% of the time and has a very special understanding or lack of understanding of humans Well of everything really Kyle is fascinating and the way David Gerrold plugged into his characters mindsets is even fascinating About halfway into Hella everything changes Like the whole tone changes but also the pace which speeds up big time There s a lot less of the super detail info type paragraphs and a lot action and dialogue After an AI character is introduced the plot kind of changes too or maybe it just becomes fully fleshed out So yeah once you get to the point I m talking about you ll know This story will take you for a ride Prepare your emotions My only complaints are kind of snobby ridiculous ones so they won t affect my rating Firstly I really don t like the cover of this book There are so many cool creatures on Hella and yet the one on the cover is just a giant version of a crocodile I wish they d put a leviathan similar to a brachiosaurus or carnosaur on the cover Or a humungosaur I really want to see what an artist rendering of these creatures would look like Secondly it would ve been nice to have some sort of map for Hella but I always say that about any book that doesn t have a map and maybe there will be one in the finished book And lastly there s a slightly frustrating name similarity of two characters Jamie and J mee and I basically had to change J mee in my head to A mee whenever I read it just to differentiate the two Maybe it s pronounced some crazy way that doesn t sound like Jamie but I don t see how else it could sound and why the author would make two main characters have such similar sounding names So in conclusion I loved this book So much than I thought I was going to I really took my time with it savoring the character development the world the plot everything I filled up so many notecards with things I wanted to remember and make note of One whole notecard is just page numbers for uotes I wanted to keep and look back on Very thankful I won this book I read an uncorrected manuscript All uotes are subject to change with the final published book Thank you to DAW Books for this ARC TW Bullying Also there s a semi confusing relationship that appears to be with a 14ish year old and a 25ish year old I feel like I must be misunderstanding the age difference though because it really doesn t make sense I know that the way people look and mature is definitely different in this distant future though Still the time difference of Earth and Hella is clearly explained And the relationship itself didn t make me uncomfortable unless I let myself consider the ages in present day I wanted to mention it in case anyone is upset by the thought of that even in a different evolutionary spectrum The relationship doesn t seem to bother anyone in the story the parent or friends or anyone The age thing isn t even mentioned Again I could be completely misunderstanding it anyway

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Hella by David Gerrold

A master of science fiction introduces a world where everything is large and the problems of survival even larger in this exciting new novelHella is a planet where everything is oversized especially the ambitions of the colonistsThe trees are mile high the dinosaur herds are huge and the weather is extreme so extreme the colonists have to migrate twice a year to escape the blistering heat of summer and the There are lots of interesting elements here like the exciting colony world of Hella and the social structure that has evolved past where we are now in terms of gender and sexuality but still feels a pull toward old ways of thinking about hierarchy and individualism The main conflict in the story arises essentially because of tension between those who want to maintain a system of collectivism within the still growing colony and those who want to move towards an individualised market economyAlthough I enjoyed the book as a whole it was a little slow to get to the actual storyline That said I would love to read another book in this same world as it definitely seems there is to explore

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Atmosphere freezing cold of winterKyle is a neuro atypical young man emotionally challenged but with an implant that gives him real time access to the colony’s computer network making him a very misunderstood savant When an overburdened starship arrives he becomes the link between the established colonists and the refugees from a ravaged EarthThe Hella colony is barely self sufficient Can it stand the str Three and a half dinosAs I said in a previous review I am a big fan of monster movies So when I knew that Hella was a planet with giant dinosaurs in it I bought it the same day it was published The fact is that I had a wrong or rather uninformed expectation of the novel Hella is clearly a young adult book and this not the style of novel that I was expected About this I must clarify that there are the good YA and the bad or poorly written ones and fortunately Hella belongs to the formerAs a first issue to consider in a science fiction the worldbuilding is an important part of the fun and in this book in which the author delights the readers with detailed info dumps about the planet and about how the colonist must have to adapt to it For example the day in Hella has 36 hours and the author manages an ingenious way to adapt to this cycle They are a lot of details like this one and for me this is very good Hella has a lot of things to offer and it is the main theme on which the first half of the novel is based Thus the reader can enjoy the awe of discovery or in other words the sense of wonder by the most straightforward routeHella and the colony s community are introduced and explained in first person by Kyle the main character who has an Asperger like syndrome You know it is a resource freuently used in science fiction for example Mr Spock or the android Data in the Star Trek series I don t understand humans or adults so I must learn how they works and explain it to the readersaudience By the way to Kyle and his handicap this means a sort of coming of age first knowing the planet s ecology and then about the colony troublesUnfortunately when we reach the middle of the read the things are turning ugly both for Kyle but also for the reader because the main plot becomes something else entirely different It starts with the arrival of a new Earth s starship which brings an artificial intelligence along with a new group of settlers From then on the argument evolves towards the internal problems of the colony and how Kyle and his friends deal with them so bye bye to the fascinating ecologyIn summary mostly the great things of Hella are the planet itself and the colony building the new society that is being born according to Hella s ecology About the main story I can not consider it flawed but it is disappointing because as I said the book becomes uite a different thing Also there is the young adult issue with the good and bad people clearly defined the exaltation of friendship and some typical teen plot twists About the conflict that arises I must say that the political positions that both sides represent are interesting in a way Earth s problems are spreading to the new society they are trying to buildAs you can see in this case my review is subjective than usual so it is possible that it do not serve as a reference so you must read reviews For example this one by Paul Di Filippo in Locus Magazine reviews it rather favorably is also my review on the blog please visit it