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    Luca and Bri possibly have to be two of my favourite characters The steamy romance that sparks between them even after Bri was hurt by Luca in a misunderstanding in college This fast pace romance will knock your socks off

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    The Dare Collection May 2019 Book 2The story development was slow and the storyline pretty much flat

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    I enjoyed this second book by Cathryn Fox from the Dare collectionIt wasn’t my favorite cause I think the story could have been better develop

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At lasts all night From the moment we touch raw energy takes over and I hand over all control And oh I like it But when I lie to my ailing grandfather and announce I am engaged to Luca all hell breaks looseJust this once I’ll break my rule But giving in to Luca once is dangerous enough What happens if I give in to his terms for a second timeand risk falling hard for the guy I swore to hate..


On Her Terms

From New York Times bestselling author Cathryn Fox a deliciously hot Harleuin DareOnce is always enoughor is itAs someone who picks up the pieces of broken relationships every day my dating rule is firm no emotions But Luca Marino isn’t the kind of guy who plays by the rules He never was In our Oxford days he was gorgeous gregariouspopular Too popular to care that he humiliated a shy overwe.

DOWNLOAD á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Cathryn Fox

Ight girl who worshipped the ground he walked on Well On Her MOBI #224 I’m a different person now successful with the expensive hair makeup and clothes to match But Lucawell he seems exactly the sameNow the man I hate is the best man for my cousin’s luxurious St Moritz weddingand it’s time for some red hot paybackThe sex is definitely hot The wild sweaty forget your evil revenge kind th.