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Empirical research including uantitative and ualitative approaches this book encompasses a range of complex transitional forms Covering topics such as health transitions transitions in friendships and romantic relationships career transitions and societal transitions this book takes the reader beyond a focus on childhood and adolescence to look at the whole lifespan Reflecting a perspective that takes into account a sociocultural past and pr.

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Developmental Transitions

Esent this book seeks to show how transitions can be viewed as both an experience of uncertainty and possibility Transitions perform important functions and present psychosocial opportunities Developmental Transitions is essential reading for all undergraduate and graduate students of developmental and cultural psychology and is also a valuable resource for academics and practitioner audiences interested in stability and change as people age.

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How can we make sense of change and stability through the lifespan of human development What role does personal experience our relationships with others and historical and sociocultural contexts play in shaping these changes This is the first book to offer an integrative overview of the range of developmental transitions which occur through the lifespan Bringing together different theoretical and conceptual perspectives and a broad range of.

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