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Ysis The book concludes by considering the role of social media Politics and the ePUB #9734 in the era of Big Oil and growing Indigenous resistance and powerExamining the complex interplay between social media traditional journalism and environmental justice issues Journalism Politics and the Dakota Access Pipeline Standing Rock and the Framing of Injustice will be of great interest to students and scholars of environmental Politics and the Dakota Access PDF or communication critical political economy and journalism studies broadly..

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Journalism Politics and the Dakota Access Pipeline

This book explores tensions surrounding news and the Kindle #211 media coverage of Indigenous environmental justice issues identifying them as a fruitful lens through which to examine the political economy of journalism American history human rights and contemporary US politicsThe book begins by evaluating contemporary American journalism through the lens of deep media focusing especially on the relationship between the drive for profit professional journalism and coverage of environmental justice issues It then presents the results.

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Of a framing analysis of the Standing Rock movement Journalism Politics PDFEPUBNODAPL coverage by news outlets in the USA and Canada These findings are complemented by interviews with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe whose members provided their perspectives on the media and the pipeline The discussion expands by considering the findings in light of current US politics including a Trump presidency that employs law and order rhetoric regarding people of color and that often subjects environmental issues to an economic cost benefit anal.

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