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    An excellent apologia for performance review not an account of the science of self awareness as claimed in the blurb This is not Thinking Fast and Slow for self awarenessIf you live in the USA are a managerial worker and want to get out of performance reviews then you will get a lot out of this book Otherwise if

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    I will admit to being pleasantly surprised with the writing When I raised this at Bookclub it sounded like everyo

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    I'm a sucker for these books Let's acknowledge that up front I'm a career management nerd so I'm all about books that deal with making yourself a effective person in whatever field you apply your energies to There are so many books out there targeted at people looking for this kind of advice and many of them are abysmally bad This

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    Title InsightAuthor Tasha EurichPublisher Crown Business Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewInsight Why We're Not as Self Aware as We Thi

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    All I can say iswowI came across this book from a post shared on LinkedIn by Susan Cain author of uiet I read the post and immediately found out about Tasha's book and ordered it This is one of the best investments in a book I've ever madeIt so happened that I was in the middle of a performance appraisal where I work and

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    My fav uotes not a review Page 26 |self awareness is the will and the skill to understand yourself and how others see you Page 65 |Acc

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    As a school counselor I am excited to utilize the concepts in this book both personally and with my students The book is a good balance of research based exposition as well as behavioral tools that are integrated within t

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    Fascinating insightBook is superbly positioned as a classic on self awareness While Daniel Goleman gets all the credit for popularizing Emotional Intelligence I think self awareness didn't get the much needed spotlight it deserves amongst all other components of emotional intelligence This book serves the purpose of putting the spot

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    I was a bit skeptical about this book when I started reading it but the chapters about feedback really won me over I found a lot of useful tips and exercises that I’m implementing in my life and work

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    Insight Why We’re Not as Self Aware as We Think and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps us succeed at Work and in Life was recently published this May 2017 I was first made aware of the book through an article by the New Yorker if I remember correctly which spoke about Eurich’s understanding of internal and external self awarene

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review Ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ó Tasha Eurich

Muestra lo ue en realidad exige comprendernos nosotros mismos por dentro y cómo lograr ue los demás nos digan la verdad franca respecto a cómo nos venMediante experiencias de personas ue han logrado ganancias radicales en la conciencia de sí mismas ofrece secretos técnicas y estrategias sorprendentes y en español para ayudar a los lectores a hacer lo mismo y cómo usar esta noción para hallar mayor satisfacción confianza y éxito en la vida y en el trabajoEn INTUICIÓN usted aprenderáLos siete tipos de la conciencia de sí mismas ue poseen las personas ue se conocen a sí mismas Los dos mayores obstáculos invisibles a la conciencia de uno mismo Por ué los enfoues como terapia y llevar un diario no siempre conducen a una noción verdad. My fav uotes not a review Page 26 self awareness is the will and the skill to understand yourself and how others see you Page 65 According to Daniel Kahneman and other researchers our brains secretly and simplistically morph the uestion from How happy are you with life these days into What mood am I in right now Page 70 flying too low meant the sea would weigh down the feathers and flying too high meant the sun would melt the wax But against his father s instructions Icarus decides to fly too high And sure enough the wax melts knocking him out of the air and sending him to his death When it comes to the way we see ourselves we must be brave enough to spread our wings but wise enough not to fly too high Page 72 In contrast the process of double loop learning involves confronting our values and assumptions and importantly inviting others to do so as well Page 79 Conveniently self esteem was just one rung down and all that was needed to achieve it was a change in mindset In other words we didn t need to become great all we really had to do was feel great Page 108 Our subconscious in other words is less like a padlocked door and like a hermetically sealed vault Page 118 why uestions are generally better to help us understand our environment and what uestions are generally better to help us understand ourselves Why did this happen can suck us into an unproductive spiral What should we do brings us out into solutions Page 121 True insight only happens when we process both our thoughts and our feelings Page 133 But people tell me that one of my strengths is making fuzzy concepts accessible and actionable not necessarily that I always tell them something about leadership they didn t already know Then a blinding flash of the obvious hit me Maybe I should just say that at the beginning of my programs And ever since then I have Page 148 Negotiation expert William Ury aptly calls it going to the balcony but whatever name it goes by this kind of reframing can be immensely valuable to be able to see the situation from a 3rd party view Page 156 Research shows that self aware people tend to knit complex narratives of their key life events they are likely to describe each event from different perspectives include multiple explanations and explore complex and even contradictory emotions Page 160 After getting feedback from his team that his biggest problem was delegation he used the Miracle uestion to explore what the solution might look like If Matt s problem were magically solved he thought the first sign would be that he d no longer see asking for help as a weakness Instead he would embrace it as a method for greater team involvement improvement and prosperity Matt proceeded to paint a poignant picture of his desired future when the problem was solved or as the Heath brothers call it in Switch a destination postcard One where he would improve his team s engagement and performance all while feeling less burdened and efficient But notice that Matt s solution wasn t an oversimplified single action I ll do a better job delegating Instead he envisioned exactly how both he and his employees would change on a far deeper level Page 164 There s an old science backed adage that the words of a drunk person are the thoughts of a sober one Page 169 When I m speaking to managers in organizations I ll often ask Who is confident that your employees have the same opinion about your leadership as you do About half the hands go up So I up the ante Keep your hand up if you d bet your retirement savings on it At this point I usually see a lot of pensive looks and most people tentatively lower their hands Page 170 A better metaphor for complete self awareness than a mirror might therefore be a prism Page 176 It seems that nowhere is the adage You don t get what you don t ask for true than when it comes to seeking the truth about how others see us Page 194 And instead of getting defensive upon hearing criticism she said I never noticed I was doing that Page 210 When faced with feedback in an area that plays into our self limiting beliefs merely taking a few minutes to remind ourselves of another important aspect of our identity than the one being threatened shores up our psychological immune system Let s say that you re about to walk into your performance appraisal after a tough year where you haven t met your numbers One way you can defend yourself against this looming threat is to remember that you re a loving parent or a devoted community volunteer or a good friend This might sound simplistic or pie in the sky but I can assure you that the research supports it Page 235 First you have to go all in and make a total commitment to your team s self awareness starting with your own As Mulally explains My role is to ensure awareness for everybody To watch all the time watch myself watch others watch the organization Page 256 By behavioral feedback I mean focusing on specific examples of what they said how they said it or what they did rather than generalities or interpretations I said For example telling someone You re being aggressive is not behavioral it s an interpretation of their behavior Alternatively if I said During our last team meeting you interrupted me three times and raised your voice each time Page 257 Getting feedback ground rules 1 No pushback or defensiveness be curious and remember that perception is reality 2 Take notes and ask uestions only for clarification 3 Be open minded and assume good intentions Page 266 Someone told me I was delusional I almost fell off my unicorn SOMEECARDSCOM Page 300 Tools to use for better insights What Not Why 2 Comparing and contrasting 3 Reframing 4 Hitting pause 5 Thought stopping 6 Reality checks 7 Solutions mining Page 278 his outrageous comments were often followed by a canned laugh track to the viewer they seemed comical and surprisingly endearing I decided that the next time my boss said something so cruel that it made me want to cry I d imagine a laugh track behind it instead Now it would be inaccurate to say that this completely transformed my experience of working for him but the tool did make it that much bearable Page 301 Compassion without judgment 2 Float feet first let the raft pass the rough water patch 3 Reframing 4 What can heshe teach me 5 Laugh track 6 State your needs literally saying I need you to 7 Clarify your boundaries 8 Walk away 9 Confront with compassion

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Era Cómo abandonar los hábitos ue matan la confianza y aprender a amar lo ue uno es Como beneficiarse de la concentración mental sin pronunciar ni un sola mantra Por ué otras personas no nos dicen la verdad respecto a nosotros mismos y cómo hallar lo ue realmente piensan Cómo profundizar nuestra noción en nuestras pasiones nuestros talentos y los puntos ciegos ue nos pudieran estar deteniendo Cómo oír opiniones críticas sin perder la compostura Por ué las personas con mayor poder pueden ser con frecuencia las ue menos conciencia tienen de sí mismas y cómo evitan los líderes inteligentes esta trampa Los tres bloues de construcción para euipos de conciencia propia Cómo lidiar con jefes clientes y compañeros de trabajo delirantes  . As a school counselor I am excited to utilize the concepts in this book both personally and with my students The book is a good balance of research based exposition as well as behavioral tools that are integrated within the chapters and delineated in the extensive appendices I appreciate Tasha Eurich s focus on behavioral interventions to increase internal and external self awareness This is practically a workbook for any individual wishing to make positive personal changes I recommend this book for anyone in the helping fields

review Ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ó Tasha Eurich

¿ué tal si usted pudiera conocerse a sí mismo un pouito mejor y con esa peueña mejora obtuviera una gran ganancia no sólo en su profesión sino en su vida ¿está dispuesto a intentarloLa investigación muestra ue la conciencia de uno mismo saber uiénes somos y cómo nos ven los demás es el fundamento para un alto rendimiento unas decisiones inteligentes y unas relaciones personales duraderas Solo existe un problema la mayoría de las personas no se ven a sí mismas con tanta claridad como podrían hacerloFelizmente la psicóloga organizacional Tasha Eurich revela ue la conciencia de uno mismo es una habilidad sorprendentemente deplorable Integrando cientos de estudios con su propia investigación y su trabajo en el mundo de Fortuna nos. I m a sucker for these books Let s acknowledge that up front I m a career management nerd so I m all about books that deal with making yourself a effective person in whatever field you apply your energies to There are so many books out there targeted at people looking for this kind of advice and many of them are abysmally bad This one s not It is occasionally deeply irritating yes Whomever picks this book up from the little free lending library in which I eventually leave it may raise their eyebrows at some of the marginalia I felt compelled to add when particularly frustrated but it is balanced out with plenty of underlining of ideas I felt were compelling and well stated I could have lived without uite so many anecdotes particularly those involving the author herself who can come off a bit privileged and insincere In fact I want to blame her editorial team for some of the irritating details because it almost seemed she was following instructions to present her case studies in a certain tone that didn t feel natural Luckily the book makes up for its defects with a strong emphasis on actionable material The end matter is full of appendices and exercises to help you self evaluate and do real work to improve your ability to see yourself clearly and make adjustments to behaviors that aren t working for you Not every exercise makes perfect sense but I appreciate that some of them restate uestions from different angles that encourage you to double check your own assumptions For example one exercise asks you to reflect on the values you were raised with that you still hold and provides a list of values you might consider in case you re stuck Answering uestions like this with a provided list of values nearby tends to result in a larger result set as we tend to pick things that we think we should choose because we saw the word and feel that not picking it implies we don t value it A later uestion asks what values and behaviors you would most want to instill in your children For me at least this uestion helped me narrow in very uickly to five values that resonate very deeply and thus resulted in clearer insight about what it is that I really care about and can cultivate further to motivate me when I seek to improve