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'Excellent Fresh learned readable and full of life' Dan Jones Mail on Sunday Houses of Power is the result of Simon Thurley's thirty years of research picking through architectural digs and examining financial accounts original plans and drawings to reconstruct the great Tudor houses and understand how these monarchs shaped th.

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Eir lives What was it like to live as a royal Tudor Why were their residences built as they were and what went on inside their walls Who slept where and with who Who chose the furnishings And what were their passionsThe Tudors ruled through Houses of PDFEPUBthe day throughout the night in the bath in bed and in the saddle Thei.

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R palaces were genuine power houses the nerve centre of military operations the boardroom for all executive decisions and the core of international politicsFar than simply an architectural history a study of private life as well as politics diplomacy and court it gives an entirely new and remarkable insight into the Tudor worl.