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D American Revolution and traces the roots of colonial and imperial systems of control He links them to modern free trade agreements and other antidemocratic structures used to supersede democracy to this dayFor some this will come as no surprise For others it will be a rude though necessary awakening The white man's municipalities are just reservations like ours said a resident of Pine Ridge Reservation who Price spoke with The difference is we know we live on reservations The white man doesn'tCrucially Price shares insight into how social movements can plant seeds of a new legal system that makes the liberty civil rights and dignity of humans and ecosystems its ultimate purpose In fact he introduces the reader to people who are doing just that..

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How Wealth Rules the World

Ben Price's new book is often counterintuitive as he explores how wealth itself is imbued with power He answers uestions such asHow is the American Legislative Exchange Council a modern states' rights free market capitalist group the intellectual and political descendant of George Washington's Federalist PartyHow was the Fourteenth Amendment that emancipated African American slaves from their status as property used by a reactionary Supreme Court to grant legal personhood to private corporationsHow Wealth Rules the Kindle #213 are cities seen under our legal doctrine as public corporations devoid of real governing authorityFurther Price identifies key counterrevolutions in US history that suelched the transformative potential of the Civil War an.

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Crackdowns on local democracy are Rules the PDF #186 accelerating as corporate and state interests continue efforts to repress social movements In this well timed book Ben Price presciently reveals structures of power and law that facilitate blatant corporate supremacy in the United StatesPrice uses his years of experience as a community organizer and a careful reading of history to show how a legal paradigm that facilitated slavery and the fossil fuel economy has endured and adapted over time today barricading our communities and suelching dissentMany books have been written about wealth power and politics in How Wealth PDFEPUBthe United States Most of them make intuitive sense Wealthy people use their power to influence and control politics But.

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    I only skimmed this book so I won't rate it The book looks interesting for sure As an American living in Canada hoping to use parts of this bo

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    Excellent Highly energizing and enlightening

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    Makes privatization sounds troublesome than the singularity

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