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With court intrigue His life has been dedicated to the lordly art of archery and mastering the immense powers of the shartas Handsome and arrogant he is sure that no man can surpass him and yet Keshan Adaru’s mere touch brings Jandu to his knees But his desire for Keshan is than forbidden it threatens to destroy Jandu’s pride position and family In the midst of this turmoil an unspeakable event forces Jandu to redefine the meaning of honor and loyaltyAnd now as armies arise to war each man must decide where his allegiance lies and what he will sacrifice in his heart and on the battlefield This book had such glowing reviews that even though I had a really hard time getting into it because of all the names I decided to give it a shot Well my review alas won t join those glowing ones Also spoilers aheadStrange that none of the reviews well those I ve read anyway seem to mention that this book contains lots of infidelity and Polyandry amongst other things and all of that directly involves the main two characters Right from the start there are too many characters introduced with long titles and non western names which made it all rather confusing The beginning just plunges into whatever s happening such beginnings are good for action packed books but not this type of a book I would ve liked it if the introduction of the characters had been gradual not all at once But I got through it trying to remember who s who wasn t easy thoughThe plot and pace interesting enough plot but events unfolded at such a slow pace that made me want to scroll There were numerous scenes where I wondered what exactly is the point of this scenearc Later it turned out that those scenes were just fillers didn t lead to much of anything notable For instances the scene with the forest fire Ok they helped the Demon King and he gifted them And For me each scene should be a lead up to something or a continuation of something not a filler The jumping POV was a bit irritating it felt like there was finally something interesting happening and then bam POV switch Most of the book dragged on to be honest all of the important events and plot twists could ve fitted in fewer pages The worst however by the end of the book reading the last sentence felt absolutely anti climatic It seemed like not much happened and there wasn t much of an actual story or romance for that matter Basically it seemed like a draft an introduction preuel sort of thing to the actual story Also there wasn t a solid enough storyline it seemed like the narrative kept jumping all over the place one moment there s Tarek and his issues another moment there s Jandu saving someone from an attack the next there s Keshan healing some sick woman and after comes a passage about Darvad s ambitions or whatever else It made me go get to the point way too oftenThe characters I can t say that a single character in this book appealed much to me Keshan married some woman just because she wrote some letter to him and though he doesn t like her at all he keeps her at his side for what while cheating on her left and right Nice AND she s portrayed as a sour faced bitch Is that supposed to make the reader feel like cheating is ok in that case Well nope NOT okay absolutely disgustingJandu seemed one dimensional and he also married some woman just because he wanted to show off and win the challenge But not only that he and two of his brothers also married her and each would have her for a year Passing her around like some object Disgusting 2 Tarek spineless fool who lucked out to move up to another caste but acts like a slave to his friend Darvad who also happens to be his love interest He drops everything to do his bidding steps over himself and really it s just pathetic Would be hard pressed to call him a man like a wormThen there are other characters like Jandu s older brother who gambled everything away like a fool and almost gambled away Jandu himself I would say I liked Iyestar but the way he acted in the end therenope Basically all these characters are very selfish despite what most of them say and claim to strive for they only care for their own agendas and that sort of dissonance between their actions and words was a bit irritating The romance well it was barely there The characters go from flirtation to love very fast and I don t like insta love It doesn t seem convincing The fact they are both married and are therefore cheating on their wives also ruins it a bit Yes the culture in the book is strict and homosexuality is punishable by death but I still don t think it makes infidelity okay Again the love if it was there I didn t see itThe world building seemed poor and mismatched to me some things were clearly copied from India and then there was the magic At times it seemed like Harry Potter at other times like some Bollywood film I didn t get the impression of something whole rather bits and pieces here and there and some of them seemed like random fillers Spent most of the book waiting for the plot to really take off but it never truly did Instead it finished with TBC Won t be reading the other books I m afraid

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Ed with Prince Jandu Paran a man whose entire family must be destroyed if the kingdom is to be freedTarek Amia would gladly see Jandu Paran brought low Born the son of a charioteer Tarek has no love for the royal princes who have slighted and insulted him all his life Only Keshan’s philosophies have elevated him from the brutal ranks of common soldiers Tarek owes Keshan his devotion but he is a pragmatic man and when he discovers Keshan’s reckless affair he realizes that Keshan may have to be sacrificed for the sake of his own revolutionYoung Prince Jandu Paran has never concerned himself Magic love betrayal angst joy friendship and action The Archer s Heart was a surprise a very very lovely surprise The story is set in a fantasy eastern like inspired world Jandu is an exceptional archer who cares little for the outside world until his way of life is challenged by his friendship with the descendent of the Yashva Keshan Adaru Tarek Baram Suraya Yudar and Darvad are also exceptional characters with dimension and realistic motivations I appreciate that no one is evil or good in this story they are just humanI always wonder why magic in novels makes sense to me than things in the real world But I enjoyed the twists and unfolding of this intricate story and couldn t help but read obsessively until the end One of my favorites

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In the ancient kingdom of Marhavad noblemen dominate the lower castes wielding mystic weapons known as shartas against any who oppose them For generations the rule of Marhavad’s kings has been absolute But now the line of succession is divided and whispers of revolution are heard in even the royal palaceKeshan Adaru an outspoken man of unearthly charms welcomes these changes All his life he has foreseen an uprising that will shatter the castes and The Archer's PDFEPUBend the tyranny of the old laws His visions have driven him but now at the brink of their fulfillment he finds himself obsess Reading The Archers Heart was truly a pleasure This beautiful fantasy novel draws on elements from the Mah bh rata and is set in a land not dissimilar to India called Marhavad It is a tale of caste magic betrayal adventure war and love I spent a week sloping off to bed early just so I could read I think the first thing that appealed was the setting The Indian influence that saturated Marhavad was delightful and with most of what I ve read in fantasy set in European influenced worlds an enjoyable change It made me remember reading The Far Pavilions incredible beautiful story and sneaking out to watch The Jewel in the Crown when I was younger I cannot express how nice it is to read about somewhere a little different and loose some of the Anglo European centric feel that many fantasy novels have No LOTR template here and no singing hobbits either The world building was tight with magical elements blending seamlessly within the historical feel of the novel It was also well paced with nothing glossed over or rushed despite the book covering a period of several years There were the odd bits that lagged but for the most part I was kept well entertained I liked the character of Keshan Adaru who is a man with change at the forefront of everything he does He is determined to see a society where all men and women are treated eually and the caste system removed He is charismatic and beautiful The romance that blossoms between him and Prince Jandu Paran kept me up way past my bedtime I think of the two characters the depth and growth of Jandu was what really captured my interest He begins the story a brash young boy and grows into a man worthy of his title And yeah all serious waffle aside it was kinda hot hehThe inclusion of Tarek Amia whose story runs along side that of Keshan and Jandu was very poignant at times I enjoyed his stoic soldier like nature and unreuited love for his Prince Such an honorable man I wanted someone to ruffle his hair occasionally If I have any whinges it s that I did find Jandu s curse a little odd in the scheme of things While it did move the story along it was a little different and unexpected I also felt a bit uncomfortable at the unsympathetic portrayal of Keshan s wife and wondered if this could have been handled a little differentlyI think the most charming thing about this book is its uniueness I don t think I ve really read anything uite like it before and this was probably its most appealing uality Beautifully presented and a distinctively different read that is well worth reading Liked it lotsPaperback from Blind Eye Books and from httpsharrowwordpresscom

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    Reading The Archers Heart was truly a pleasure This beautiful fantasy novel draws on elements from the Mahābhārata and is set in a land not d

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    Epic read for fantasy lovers If you love reading Fantasy don't miss out on this book The tale told will snag you and keep you enthralled through the very end I do have to admit that I found the beginning a bit slower but it's to be expected as the author is setting up the story and we also get to know the characters But once the Paran Family's luck changes I couldn't put the book down at all It was two nights of very lit

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    Take it from me who's read a ridiculous amount of mm novels it's super hard to find a good uality fantasy mm book Like I can probably count the number on one hand And Archer's Heart is exactly what I search for It has a solid world characters I adored and a storyline that took my breath awayThe story starts off and is based around the battle between Darvad Uru and Yudar Paran to be chosen to inherit the throne

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    I'm a sucker for FantasyIntriguesGay Romance and snotty aristocrats The world building is great and I loved Jandu from the beginning I've seen that a lot of readers were annoyed at him at the start but everything about him practically screams character development It also helps that his faults were mostly being a snotty aristocrat But despite my high rating there were still some things that bugged me a lot 1 Yudar I u

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    Magic love betrayal angst joy friendship and action The Archer's Heart was a surprise a very very lovely surprise The story is set in a fantasy eastern like inspired world Jandu is an exceptional archer who cares little for the outside world until his way of life is challenged by his friendship with the descendent of the Yashva Keshan Adaru Tarek Baram Suraya Yudar and Darvad are also exceptional characters with dimensio

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    Beautiful story of devotion deep love and belief I loved itHighly recommended read

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    This book had such glowing reviews that even though I had a really hard time getting into it because of all the names I decided to give it a shot Well my review alas won't join those glowing ones Also spoilers aheadStrang

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    Wow What can I say wow It is definitely epic material to rival some of Mary Renault's novels but with a lot graphic M on M descriptions I loved so many of the characters so well rounded and real they are all flawed in some way but yet sympathetically drawn Much as I wanted to hate characters like Tarek Yudar and Baram I couldn't And whilst the true baddies like Darvad and his henchmen probably deserved to die for their self centred treac

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    The bestest

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    The ReviewHonesty from the outsetOver the last few months I have reviewed several stories by Astrid Amara in the anthologies Hell Cop and Tangle Edition XY Each time I have come away and impressed by her storytelling The Archer's Heart did not disappoint This was the stuff of epicsFirst things firstWhen The Archer's Heart

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