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One member of the Gyrth clan has succumbed Her careless chatter about the Chalice seems to have called up all manner of misfortunes of which larceny is just the beginning Finding himself the victim of a botched kidnapping attempt Percival St John Wykes Gryth current heir to the Gyrth family and guardian elect of the Chalice suspects that he might be in a spot of trouble Unexpected news to him but not to the mysterious Mr Campion who reveals that the ancient Chalice entrusted to Val's family is being targeted by a ruthless ring of wealthy thieves intent on supplementing their own priva. Three cheers for Margery Allingham With each book her creation the bespectacled deceptively foolish Albert Campion becomes better and better Look to the Lady the third novel in this Golden Age series is the best I ve read yet Campion the pseudonym for a disinherited younger son and self proclaimed junior adventurer reunites an estranged father and son and just in time The pair are the caretakers of a priceless Chalice they re holding for the Crown and Campion s gotten wind that a theft ring has its eye on the Chalice While such a plot would be pretty clich in the hands of some novelists Allingham breathes new life into it and I finished the novel in a single day Allingham introduces uite a few twists and adds on a most satisfactory ending Lovers of Dame Agatha or Dorothy L Sayers will not regret making Campion s acuaintance

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Look to the Lady

The Gyrth family had guarded the Gyrth Chalice for hundreds of years It was held by them for the British Crown Its antiuity its beauty the legends that were connected with Look to PDFEPUBit all combined to make it uniue It was irreplaceable No thief could hope to dispose of it in the ordinary way And indeed no ordinary thief would dream of trying Kept in a windowless chapel and protected by a fearsome curse the Chalice should be impervious to thievery But this is and the crooks have all the advantages of the modern world Chief among these is the craving for publicity to which at least. This is my 3rd Albert Campion mystery of 19 written by Margery Allingham and I m growing to like the idiosyncratic adventurer cum detective with his blue blooded heritage and underworld connections Something of a hybrid between Sherlock Holmes and Lord Peter Wimsey he has a pinch of Shakespeare s Prince Hal thrown in for good measureAkin to her contemporaries in the Golden Age of Detective Fiction the author has little empathy for the lower classes which is an entertainment in its own right but there is an exception in the brilliant caricature Mr Lugg Campion s disreputable batmanThe stories are somewhat fanciful but they just keep on the sensible side of not having to suspend disbelief too often or for too long and they are worth pursuing for their insight in the s and customs of the time upper class 1930s England Look to the Lady is a tale of duty and inheritance and the desperate safeguarding of an ancient artefact from ruthless international criminals something of a recurring theme in books 1 3 It is not the most compelling or twisted of plots but an enjoyable ride if a slightly disappointing destinationThese novels work well as audiobooks with their relatively small casts of generally distinctive characters

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Te treasure trove The vague bespectacled Albert Campion doesn't look like he'll be much help against them But looks can be deceptive Fleeing London for the supposed safety of the village of Sanctuary in Suffolk Campion and his trusty assistant Luggand come face to face with events of a perilous and puzzling nature When Val's aunt is found dead with an expression of terrified and terrifying shock upon her face Campion must preserve not only the safety of Chalice but also that of the Gyrth family Campion might be accustomed to outwitting criminal minds but can he foil supernatural forces. Loved this one Gave me the same warm and fuzzy feelings that reading Enid Blyton s mysteries Famous Five Secret Seven the Mystery of series and the Adventure series did when I was a kid It was all thoroughly exciting which necessitated the rapid turning of virtual pages Tons of stuff going on Mysterious artifact guarded by family for generations terrifying creature lurking in the woods ruthless criminal gang witchcraft gypsies and mass brawls what s not to love Oh and Campion didn t irritate me once in this book Fourth book incoming

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    BOTTOM LINE Another lovely totally unbelievable romp with Albert Campion and friends both respectable and otherwise as he undertakes to guard the heir to an old family and their VIP secret Still shows Albert as uite peculiar

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    Recently I have been reading the Albert Campion series I have struggled with Margery Allingham before and although I have en

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    This is my 3rd ‘Albert Campion’ myste

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    Three cheers for Margery Allingham With each book her creation the bespectacled deceptively foolish Albert Campion becomes

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    This is another example of a book I first read about 20 years ago and upon re reading discovered it is way better

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    Not sure why this took so long Maybe I had it in the wrong place On the bedstand but I was always reading the k

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    One of the three great dames of British detective mysteries I find it a bit strange that all three created detectives that came across as vain smug and a bit foppish and in the case of Poirot it wasn't a matter of somewhat but rather excessively vain and smug While for me Christie's Poirot has become increasingly tiresome Parkers

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    Herewith another late work from one of the Great Dames of the Golden Age of mysteryI made the proofing F1 of this book fo

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    Loved this one Gave me the same warm and fuzzy feelings that reading Enid Blyton's mysteries Famous Five Secret Seven the 'Mystery of' series and the 'Adventure' series did when I was a kid It was all thoroughly exciting wh

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    Although an improvement on Allingham’s first two Campion books this outing still suffers from many of the flaws so obvious in its predecessors Campion himself is shown to do little actual detecting or deducing He just “knows” things often because of an immense circle of informants who for no particularly obvious reason have warm feelings towards him The reader does not follow Campion in his various inv

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