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After When I’m surrounded by crumpled sheets and the smell of sex I realize I let him have me for four hundred dollars To save what little pride I have left I pretend it didn’t mean anything that he’s just one last screw before we all leave college I’ve spent the last four years lying to myself When I’m ready to take the final step of my plan and save my sister guess who walks through my front door This is a full length stand alone unreuited lovesecond chance romance Note The book ends at % with samples of Predator and Protecto. Dnf at 50% First of all Carter is not heartless he cries like a baby and i didnt even feel bad for him cuz this book was so stupid for me rather than sympathising i was frustrated Della on the other hand was so stupid and the blurb is misleading as hell The story is nothing as the blurb says its not enemies to lovers or college romance Della and Carter were not even enemies there was insta love and they were in college for like for 20% And there is a secret baby it all started when one of the member s from the screw crew which includes 4 5 popular guys makes a bet that whoever can fuck Della will get 400 But the bet actually never went further cuz Carter put a stop to it So at the last day of college Carter and Della fucks and after that she thinks that he fucked her to win the bet now i have 100 uestions or regarding that but i ll just ask the main one why the fuck did she have sex with him at the first place if she knew about the bet AND yes She did know about the bet from the beginning cuz it took place right IN FRONT OF HER Our stupid heroine thought that our hero fucked her cuz of the bet but in reality everyone forgot about the bet the day it took place cuz as i said earlier Carter put a stop to it She leaves and then years later they met turns out she got preggo and tried to tell Carter but couldnt reach out to him Another uestion here is that in this 21st century who the fuck writes a letter to someone informing that she is his baby momma there were so SO many ways she could have let him know what she was pregnant but rather than that our stupid idiot with a pea size brain heroine blamed Carter s PA who replied to her letter saying never to contact Carter again Now its not the PA s fault cuz Carter is a famous business man and tons of ppl send him letter claiming that he is the father of their child Della is weak and pathetic Carter on the other hand is a cry baby And let me tell you all this drama and bullshit took place in like 30% 40% of the book It was so rushed up that i didnt feel any connection between the hero and heroine They were just horny with the talent exaggerating

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Heartless Enemies to Lovers #1

Out of the hell hole I left her in That’s all I have time for That’s until I hear of the betting pool the guys started Whoever screws me first gets the Enemies to Lovers ePUB #180 money The moment Carter looks at me I know it’s only because of the bet I tell myself our first kiss is only for show I hate my heart for falling for his irresistible charm For one foolish moment I actually want him to be my first earth shattering love All it takes for me to give in is a little attention a cocky smile and a fake promise of a happily ever. Good readWhen I started this book I wasn t sure what to expect I really enjoyed the concept and storyline but it all seemed a bit rushed to me I wish there was of the in between To me it seemed to jump around uite a bit so I was kinda on the fence about the rating on weather it was 3 or 4 stars to me However the ending is what pushed me toward those 4 stars Jamie and Danny are what did it for me I absolutely loved what happened and it truly made me like this book so much better I loved the dynamic between the guys I could only wish for a group like them All in all it wasn t a bad read

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To Lovers Kindle #214 Previous cover edition for ASIN BVRHFor alternate cover edition go hereI’m warned that Carter Hayes is heartless He’s part of the screw crew He’ll just use you and leave you He’s ruthless and always gets what he wants Just look for the trail of broken hearts and dreamy sighs and you’ll find him “Hot as sin Carter” I don’t have time Heartless Enemies Epubto fall head over heels for any guy Besides he’d never notice someone like me I have a three step plan Get through college Get a job Get my sister. HEARTLESS by Michelle Horst is a standalone full length contemporary romance novel Book 1 in the Enemies To Lovers Series In this we meet Carter Hayes and Della TrumanDella Truman is a good girl with a head on her shoulders studying a Degree in Graphic Design whilst working at Rameses a local diner slash bar to support herself until she finishes up school in six months time and will head back to Saluda the town she left behind for her sister Jamie who is a lot younger than her ANDMeet Carter Hayes he s part of the ScrewCrew which consists of five hot guys who think they are gods gift to women Girls want to screw them and guys want to be them The ScrewCrew Team Marcus Rhett twin brothers Jaxson and Logan and Carter Marcus and Rhett are the ones with the screw lists they re the manwhores responsible for our nickname ScrewCrew As for the twins they aren t huge on dating A family made up of misfits but each have the others back As for Carter all his focus is aimed towards finishing his degree so that once he s graduated he can work in his fathers firm He s not called heartless for nothing the nic name is in place for a reason He s arrogant ruthless he will trample on you and not look back fuck with him and he ll fuck you back double But under all that you see glimpses of a vulnerable guy that will do anything for his friends Hot as sin on the outside but cold as ice on the inside Carter and Della are in their final stages of their last semester of college on their last night of college life they ignite between the sheets never to see each other until many years later Carter has taken over his father s firm and Della is stuck back in the town that never let her out of it s grip waitressing in a diner taking care of her sister When Carter walks in the door and their gazes collide it s as though they had never been apart Slowly they find the feelings that they had back in college had never left them and like a Knight in shining armor he whisks her away from her gruelling life and gives her a job in his company A slow burn second chance romance proceeds We re from opposite worlds I should ve seen it back then but I was too in love Take away the hot cover the synopsis the author and we have my guilty pleasure wrapped up in a shiny bow I love books like this enemies to lovers to from rags to riches a second chance romance and I was in my happy place a slow burn that scorched the pages This threw all the feels at me the angst the hate then love relationship I too had for Carter in the beginning but then he slowly redeemed himself and I was hooked by his character I loved the ScrewCrew and can not wait to read each of their stories This surpassed all my expectations a fairy tale romance that stood the test of time a love that blossomed and grew even as they were apart and made for a strong foundation once they made their way back to each other again This author just gets better and better she can go from dark to light and no matter what she brings us I love wholeheartedly but this I loved even because it showed a softer side to her writing abilities

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    HEARTLESS by Michelle Horst is a standalone full length contemporary romance novel Book #1 in the Enemies To Lover

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    Don’t go looking at my rating thinking I didn’t like the book I did Honestly Who doesn’t enjoy a good enemi

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    The blurb says it all We have a heroine TSTL

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    GoshHmpfI loved previous books by Michelle Horst those were on a darker side however and they were powerful in storytelling and emotional intense presentation through characters' developmentSo it pains me to say that this story was just meh for meand not because it was sweet and romantic second chanceenemies to lovers trope BUT because neither the story telling was satisfying nor the characters were deep in

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    Good readWhen I started this book I wasn't sure what to expect I really enjoyed the concept and storyline but it all seemed a bit rush

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    25 StarsOk so after reading this blurb I thought I was in for a college based book where the relentless man whore lands the

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    SECOND TIME READING IT JAN 28TH 2020 Was the writing always this iffy? Were the events always so dramatic? Did everything just happen all at once? Regardless i was addicted to see how the story unfolded MY RATING 355 STARS I receiv

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    Dnf at 50% First of all Carter is not “heartless” he cries like a baby and i didnt even feel bad for him cuz this book was so stup

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    Heartless took me by surprise as I didn't expect it to be that sweet like an angsty and stressful storyThis is a uick read first installment in the Enemies to Lovers series; it features Carter and Della but you'll meet all the others

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    What an introduction to the #screwcrew This book will pull you in straight from the start Heartless is the first book in the enemies to lovers series This is Carter and Della's Story This book was a rollercoaster of emotions Carter is sexy and hot in the outside but cold and ruthless on the inside Della is the most genuine selfless person and I really loved her characters A Story of two people from two different worlds colliding in a whi

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