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Ineteen year old Gwendolyn Hooper steps off a steamer in Ceylon full of optimism eager to join her new husband But the man who greets her at the tea plantation is not the same one she fell in love with in London Distant and brooding Laurence spends long days wrapped up in his work leaving his young bride to explore the plantation alone It's a place filled with clues to the past locked doors a yellowed wedding dress in a dusty trunk an overgrown grave hidden in the grounds far too small for an adultThe Silk Merchant's Daughter French Indochi.

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Dinah Jefferies 3 Book Collection

Na Since her mother's death eighteen year old half French half Vietnamese Nicole has been living in the shadow of her beautiful older sister Sylvie When Sylvie is handed control of the family silk business Nicole is given an abandoned silk shop in the Vietnamese uarter of Hanoi an area teeming with militant rebels Tran a notorious Vietnamese insurgent seems to offer the perfect escape from her troubles while Mark a charming American trader is the man she's always dreamed of But who can she trust in this world where no one is what they seem..

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3 Book MOBI #238 Dinah Jefferies' first three novels now together in one e book The SeparationMalaya Lydia Cartwright returns from visiting a sick friend to an empty house The servants are gone The Dinah Jefferies MOBI #224 phone is dead Where is her husband Alec Her young daughters Emma and Fleur Lydia's search takes her on a hazardous journey through war torn jungle Forced to turn to Jack Harding Jefferies 3 Book PDF #201 a man she'd vowed to leave in her past she sacrifices everything to be reunited with her familyThe Tea Planter's WifeN.

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    I only read The Tea Planter’s Wife Started slow for me but got better as read