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This is a previously published edition ISBN Act like a lady Don’t swim in the waterfall And whatever you do never steal into the woods for a romantic moonlit rideFor as long as Pippa can remember she’s looked forward to her eighteenth birthday The number represents freedom and the end of her boring lessons with dreary tutors Unfortunately for the princess it’s also the age she is expected to marry Lionel the stern prince Pippa of PDF of VernowEager to escape her future with the Lionel Pippa convinces her Father to hold a traditional marriage tournament Thirty men travel to Laura to compete including Galinor the dark haired blue eyed prince of GlendonGalinor is. DNF 41%I can t anyPippa is hella annoyingAnd wtf kind of name is GalinorI m sensing zero chemistry between the love interestsPeace out I m feeling a slump coming onTime to start The Bachelorette Medieval Edition

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Pippa of Laura

Gold is completely covered by dark red He looks up his face serious I want youI feel myself blush and a smile comes unbidden to my face But you can have me That's the whole point of the tournamentI don't think I should I won't lie you terrify me PippaI take a deep breath Then why do you fight for meHe leans close to my ear Because I can't help myselfA giggle escapes and I have to bite my lip I could be happy with Galinor I really couldMy gaze wanders to Archer His jaw is hard and there's fire in his eyes He pretends not to notice us but I saw how he looked away when I glanced upPerhaps I could be happy with Galinor but only if I can forget that look in Archer's eyes.. A light okay novelPippa is an okay character but she isn t really fleshed out No other character is as fleshed as her so no one really keeps me interested or makes me feel somethingThere s a try at fantasy but if you just a insert fantasy names and themes without explaining them just for action and so you can put the book in a fantasy genre to me it doesn t really countOverall the plot was simplistic the characters were meh and I skimmed somewhat after 49% If you don t mind too much vagueness do give this a try

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Everything Pippa dreams a prince can be He’s handsome and strong virtuous and true Immediately smitten Pippa decides she will do everything in her power to ensure Galinor wins the tournament even if she must convince her friend Archer to win it for himDragons and fairies poison and lies Pippa will let nothing stand between her and Galinor’s futureBut despite how well the tournament begins Pippa may soon learn even the right prince can be the wrong man You look lost in thought Galinor says a soft smile on his perfect lipsHave you ever wanted something you shouldn't couldn't haveMy hair is falling from its braid He winds a golden strand around his finger until the. When I first read Pippa of Laura I thought it was a cute albeit light story set in a fun fantasy kingdom complete with princesses noble knights dragons a touch of magic and a beautiful waterfall setting However upon rereading it I realize just how enchanting and adorable this book is I just love the feel of this fairytale world it s exactly the sort of book I long to crawl into and live Pippa of Laura is delightful Our protagonist Pippa was a fun character full of life adventure mischief and endearing antics Her longtime friend Archer while serious was such an adorable and remarkable hero who demonstrates true love for although he s ineligible to be with Princess Pippa himself he does all he can to protect her by helping another win the tournament in order to make her happy The tournament plot where a group of lords princes and noble knights go through a series of tasks for the princess s hand was thoroughly engaging and of course the romance itself was utterly sweet and adorable I loved everything about it Upon my first reading there were a few things that had bothered me that I d wished had been done differently I didn t like how Pippa s family allowed the suitor she adamantly disliked Lionel to remain in the tournament despite his horrible treatment of her and the several shady tactics he performed that should have gotten him disualified While this still bothered me in my reread to an extent since I was prepared for it and knew how everything would work out I was able to fully enjoy the journey Also in my initial reading I d wished Pippa had spoken up for herself on multiple occasions rather than allowed herself to go along with the unideal situation she finds herself in as well as found a way to rescue herself rather than having her happily ever after come through a deus ex machina ending But my reread allowed me to see the other and subtle ways she grew and developed as a character as well as the ways she was able to take control of her own destiny despite the unideal situation she found herself It felt true to life things don t always work out how we wish but we can choose how to respond to our circumstances In addition often we need an outside force to help us and that doesn t make us weak In this sense I came to admire the inner strength Pippa had developed as she faced her circumstances and her future as well as the sacrifices she made for the man she loved just as he d made for her It made their relationship all the beautiful Overall I found Pippa of Laura a cute charming and thoroughly enjoyable read with a magical setting fun plot and a darling couple I look forward to many rereads of this delightful book

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    CuteAfter seeing many positive reviews from friends I decided to take the plunge It took me a bit to get into but then I was hooked Pippa is expected to marry Prince Lionel of Vernow Considering she hates him she asks her father to host a tournament inviting all the princes from surrounding countries to come and whoever i

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    To be clear about where I'm coming from here I'm an aspiring writer This book might be great for someone who's not For me though it kept triggering my writerbrain with things that needed a little editing; for example the king's lines didn't feel regal even when he was in front of crowds and would have been in ki

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    DNF 41%I can't anyPippa is hella annoyingAnd wtf kind of name is GalinorI'm sensing zero chemistry between the love interestsPeace out I'm feeling a slump coming onTime to start The Bachelorette Medieval Edition

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    When I first read Pippa of Laura I thought it was a cute albeit light story set in a fun fantasy kingdom complete with princesses n

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    A beautiful princess A castle full of worthy and a few unworthy suitors If I were a teenage girl I'd probably be in hog heaven I mean what's not to love about that premise?The beautiful spirited Princess Philippa or just Pippa is near

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    There are so many men to fall in love with in this book that I think my knees will be permanently weak There's Archer the dashing se

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    What a wonderful book Easy to read and hard to put downThe author's writing style is fun and witty Pippa is a self possessed strong female lead thank goodness and her stubbornness and adventurous nature make for an entertaining tale I have learned how to be a lady It's just so dull I can't stick with it One of the things I loved about this book was the varied cast of characters Sometimes you're tuned in solely to the mai

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    A light okay novelPippa is an okay character but she isn't really fleshed out No other character is as fleshed as her so no one really keeps

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    I read Pippa of Laura Book 1 with excitem

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    Although the cover of the book I read is different and much better the book is the same I least I thinkI loved this book I completely fell in love with Pippa and Archer But mostly Pippa She is trouble with a capitol T Her heart is as big as h

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