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Eanwhile on the planet Caldera a mighty armoured warrior fights tirelessly against the orks is he the saviour the Imperium seeksA legend returns to the Imperium in its hour of need if Koorland and his warriors can fight their way through an army of orks to reach him that is This is the 7th book in the year long event known as The Beast Arises At the end of the 6th book we learned that The Beast has Arisen on Ullanor Ullanor the turning point of the Great Crusade Ullanor where The Emperor Himself and his sons ground the greenskins into mulch Ullanor where The Emperor bestowed unto his son Horus the title of Warmaster Ullanor a place no one has had the slightest reason to think about for 1500 years until nowMagos Biologis Uruidex understands the Beast s origin Chapter Master Koorland the last Imperial Fist and now the Lord Commander of the Imperium needs Uruidex back and to do this he orders space marine to Mars No room to manoeuvre now no avoiding the worst No pretence No hope Orks are kicking the Imperium s ass from one segmentum to the next and the Imperium s response is civil war Literally unbelievable but grimdark afThere is so much history in this book you d think it was a wiki article but no This is a book that forces people to update their goddamned wikis Odaenathus stood firm He felt his ship s pain and he also felt its anger Shipmaster he called Maintain fire Odaenathus said Keep them busy taking down our ordnance Some may yet get through To Macrinus he said Your absence will be hard But the Ultramarines were late coming to the aid of Terra once It will never happen again It will not Macrinus agreed So ordered Chapter Master We leave for Terra Courage and honour Courage and honour captain Emphasis mineAnd then it s time Acting on a tip from Inuisitor Veritus that one of the primarchs still lives Koorland leads the Last Wall to the distant world of Caledera If you re curious why Vulkan was hiding on the planet in uestion it s explained at the end of Promethean Sun There is no time for politics not now This book is nonstop action Everyone has something to prove the Adeptus Mechanicus the Imperial Army the Imperial Navy and of course the Adeptus Astartes The action the dialogue the details and the character development are all top notchThe payoff is superb It was all Koorland could do not to fall to his knees He was not alone Though Koorland had witnessed a moon open its jaws and roar it was only now that he felt the true touch of the sublime This is poetry the only acceptable way to reintroduce a primarch Anything less would be criminal but David Annandale is no lawbreaker He is the fucking law

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The Hunt for Vulkan

En the Adeptus Mechanicus reveal they have discovered the orks' point of origin the Adeptus Astartes start to gather their forces for a massive assault on their enemy's home world But what the Imperial forces need is a figurehead a hero from legend to lead them a primarch M And here goes a review for episode 7 of TBA season First of all let s congratulate David Annandale a very prolific author with his second episode in Black Library GoT and a definite improvement comparing to his first novel in TBA The Last Wall If in his previous book he had a lot of problems making a clear plotline for all the characters in the series here he has done an amazing job in that case This book is much focused much straightforward But in that the monster lay So we will proceed from point to point First the prose David is not Chris Wraight in english battle fiction but he definitely could right battle scenes and horrors This time he outdid himself due to my previous reservation for David novels I was pleasantly surprised with his depiction of destructionaction behavior under the fire It would have been a masterpiece if the novel wasn t so straightforward and being a stairwell and a plug for the next novel with main event in the series Characters that s where a casual TV watcher will understand that this episode is a step on a road to greatness which will come at the season s final The same range of our beloved heroes are all here but book mostly focused on Koorland and his party searching for guess who Yes Vulkan And minor spoilers ahead they did FIND HIM And that s the problem It seems Grandpa Vulkan hasn t improved his ingenious character from the Horus Heresy times He was pardon my language an altruistic idiot plus he had a misfortune being given a place of story plug then and he left at the same point All the plot of this episode is based on his search which in the retrospective for the end of the novel failed miserably not because BL has created an overbalanced orcs in TBA but because Primarchs are IDIOTS And Vulkan is first in the list Especially with his main decision In all else novel has it s moments to shine especially at the beginning on Mars but fails into the trap of being a novel second in a raw from the Space Marine Battles bolter porn series instead of TBA Author did tried his best to create a good book and definitely improved from The Last Wall but comparing all the blocks and details he failed As with the previous novel 6 Echoes of the Long War we congratulate author on a good SMB novel and wish him good luck with the next episode Near the final it should definitely must have grandeur As it is The Hunt or Vulkan gets 4 stars for being a good but not an outstanding bookPS And I definitely hope that next time someone will write about Primarch we will get one from the range of the first ten Horus Heresy books Cause the last 20 or so with the sole exception of Wraight s Khan are drama ueens Burlliman amongst them and a failure But an author did all he could with the characters who has plot armor And so he has my respect for creating a good read to spend some evening time upon

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The Imperium is on the verge of destruction It needs a miracle to reunite the feuding High Lords and lead the armies of mankind to victory It needs a primarchTearing The Hunt PDF itself apart from within the Imperium is still virtually powerless to resist the ork advance Wh You can read the full review over at my blog politics gets in the middle of prosecuting a war effectively then that usually spells doom for the good guys As we ve seen in The Beast Arises over the last six novels this has been a central theme something that has let the resurgent Ork threat run wildly rampant across the Imperium And those who must fight this untenable war have grown ever disillusioned of those who run the Imperial government their incompetence a direct threat to the safety and security of the Imperium But now that s about to changeIn David Annandale s The Hunt For Vulkan we see one of the biggest turning points in the conflict The Last Wall is sent on a mission to locate the last known living Primarch Vulkan of the Salamanders and bring him back to the larger Imperial fold so that he can lead the resistance against the Orks The how and the why of it is wrapped in multiple mysteries and that s part of what made this novel so damn good As before with The Last Wall David really captures the essence and motivations of his characters telling one hell of a story hereNote Some major spoilers from the previous novels and this novel are mentioned hereI called the previous novel Echoes of the Long War a fulcrum point in the series It physically occupied that space in the series entire and it certainly had some major moments that way But spiritually that title goes to The Hunt For Vulkan It is actually mind boggling In all the M41 stories I ve read it has been a common refrain that the Primarchs of old are gone either dead or missing and that if only they would come back then the Imperium would be much stronger against its myriad enemies There is such a huge gulf between the Horus Heresy series and the M41 era and that is the space that The Beast Arises occupies As such it actually makes sense that we would get to see a Primarch again After all it is only a mere 1500 years after the Heresy and the wounds of that conflict are still fresh though much has already been forgottenThe description of the novel already gives away that Vulkan is alive and well and that is for want of a better word available Inuisitor Veritus a staunch opponent of Chaos who insists that the Ork threat is merely a sideshow and a distraction tells Chapter Master Koorland that to fight a myth he needs a comparable legend to lead the Imperium s forces The final sentence of Echoes of the Long War ran thus Ullanor The Beast arises on Ullanor This is pretty damn significant and only raises my expectation of the novels that follow in the second half of the series From the in universe lore we know that the Ullanor campaign was the high point of the Emperor s Great Crusade which launched Mankind back into the galaxy to reclaim its proud dominance of the stars It was the final campaign that the Emperor fought in personally before he confronted Horus at the end of the Heresy It was a campaign in which hundreds of thousands of Astartes fought alongside billions of Imperial Army troops and thousands of ships and numerous other forces It was the capstone of Mankind s struggle to restablish itself a resurgent golden era The greatest Ork empire in history was destroyed at Ullanor and both the Emperor and Horus fought the Warlord of Ullanor The Triumph at Ullanor was the greatest achievement of the new ImperiumSo much history A war of legends fought by legends greater still Koorland has slowly been building his legend as the last Imperial Fist alive but he s not a myth That s where Vulkan comes in

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    Review also published here The Hunt for Vulkan has to be the most direct and contained book in the series so far In fact I was surprised to find that I was already half through the novel at some point with not much complicated happening It is focused on one thing Finding Vulkan and it did so wellThe downside to the Primar

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    The Beast Arises series continues with ‘The Hunt for Vulkan’ by David Annandale Man what a novel As the title suggests most of th

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    You can read the full review over at my blog politics gets in the middle of prosecuting a war effectively then that usually spells

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    And here goes a review for episode 7 of TBA season First of all let's congratulate David Annandale a very prolific author with his second episode in Black Library 'GoT' and a definite improvement comparing to his first novel in TBA 'The Last

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    Nice addition to the series good book by Annandale First scene with Vulkan is impressive a worthy return of a legend inspiring Scenes with th

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    Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish Straight forward and direct to the point this book does not disappoint Really looking forward to seeing where the series goes from here

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    It’s been a while since I reached the halfway point of Games WorkshopBlack Library’s epic 12 part “The Beast Arises” storyline Not because I’m not a fan It’s just life and and an ever expanding readi

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    This is the 7th book in the year long event known as The Beast Arises At the end of the 6th book we learned that The Beas

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    This book is one of my favourites of the series so farFrom the moment it starts the book is pretty much a non stop rollercoaster of action and violence that doesn’t let up for the whole of the book As title suggests this book concerns itself primarily with the hunt for the Primarch of the Salamanders chapter of Space

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    This is a continuation of the generally excellent The Beast Arises series by David AnnandaleThis surprised me slightly as to it;s uality on two counts Firstly I had never previously rated Annandale particularly highly as a 40K author so this came as a pleasant surprise to me Secondly it's far focused than most novels in this series Mostly the novels cover two or three seperate stories varying from the frontline

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