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    Surprisingly good But needed Soo much Surprisingly good But needed Soo much There was a lot of good heresadly everything was left underdeveloped except for their sex lives as an avid reader and lover of the PNR Paranormal Romance genre I've gotten used to taking a lot things on faith or for granted like fated mates and fated mate like scenarios soo being a dragon shifterneeding lots of sex etc I was ok w would

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    275 starsThis was a mixed bag for me I liked it but I think there was potential for some amazing world building in this story that unfortunately missed the mark The book was 85% sex 15% story and while I like sex just as much as the next girl I had a hard time believing that these two fell in love with each other when they barely talked They spent the majority of their time together fucking; when did the love come into p

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    Overall I liked this story I was intrigued by the idea of a Fay prince who also was a dragon shifter Definitely a new one for me Everything went fast and that was both good and bad good because it was a uick read and the plot didn't suffer for

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Te Mae's kind but he needs a mate before he takes the throne Prophecy and worse his father demands she's human Mae could be the key to Dark Fay's years long war with the Light Fay Problem is Simon must learn to love a human and get her to fall for the beast within him This is the COMPLETE SERIES of THE TAMING OF DARK FAY and includes all seven short story episodes plus a sneak peek for Alice Blythe's next series This sexy serial featuring Mae and her brooding alpha lover Simon can now be read as one steamy romanc.

Read & download The Taming of Dark Fay

The Taming of Dark Fay

NEW This box of Dark Epub #217 set is a compilation of all serial episodes plus BONUS episode and a sneak peek for Alice Blythe's upcoming series The Taming of Dark Fay serial can now be read as one steamy The Taming ePUB #192 romance novel Twenty four year old librarian Mae James just got dumped by her longtime boyfriend His reasoning She's too 'vanilla'in bed and in life Mae's desire to take a risk leads her into the arms of an alluring Taming of Dark Epub #181 stranger named Simon She's swept up in Simon's eme.

Read Þ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Alice Blythe

Rald eyes his beyond this world body his bad boy tattoos and mysterious ways He stirs a desire deep within her she didn't know existed everything her minister father warned her to avoid Mae's all grown up now ready to take some risks and Simon is the perfect mistake But some mistakes can be deadly Mae will find out Simon is heir to Dark Fay soon to be alpha of his predator faerie species His deadliest secret He's a shapeshifter and the dragon he shares his body with can beunpredictable Simon has been taught to ha.