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Even the oldest and thorniest problems often resolve easily when they are examined from a new perspective Idenics represents just such a breakthrough in the field of personal development For than two decades people have been resolving personal issues in a matter of hours with Idenics innovations Now after twenty one years Mike Goldstein co founder of Idenics has written an elegantly simple book about this groundbreaking subject The age old philosophy that people are uniue and different and that t.

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Idenics Author Mike Goldstein

He answers they seek are within has received a lot of lip service over the years but little application In this straightforward clear volume author and speaker Mike Goldstein demonstrates how Idenics brings these simple ideas to life With lucid explanations and case history examples he outlines the philosophy theory and practical approach behind Idenics Wherever we may go for help whether in traditional therapy alternative therapy or self improvement services people offer us answers But if you ar.

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E uniue and different and the answers are within you then how could anyone else know your answers No one else has lived your life or had your experiences No one else has responded to circumstances in exactly the way that you have Finally here is a methodology that assists individuals to access the answers within them without judgment evaluation suggestion opinion or advice The Idenics approach is visionary a cutting edge system that is a uantum leap in the uest to overcome one's personal barriers.

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