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    Re read 72018I really can't sueal than I suealed the first time around but I will add that it's STILL AS GOOD AS T

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    The Laundry Files are that rarity in long running series they're getting better as they go alongThis one has another new protagonist in the youn

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    In this 7th installment about the government agency known as The Laundry Bob and Mo the hitherto protagonists are merely mentioned but never make an appearance Instead Alex Schartz new v sorry PHANG as introduced in the previous boo

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    Very weak start very strong middle reasonably strong endThe GoodStross knows how to create an alien species He is good at it at making them convincingly alien and weird and yet operate both within the limits of our understanding and the constraints of the setting The xenofictional aspects are some of the best parts of the bookStross also kn

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    Readers who are curious about Stross's Laundry Files and are daunted by the idea of starting at the beginning could actuall

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    Danger is looming and it threatens to be A fate four point two degrees worse than deathWhen Alex Schwartz took a lucrative job developing high

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    The first part of The Nightmare Stacks is vintage Laundry series reminding us who Alex is and also re introducing a number

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    My favorite of the Laundry Files thus far—and an ending that knocks it out of the park Even better—you can actually start readi

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    On par with the rest of the series though not a favourite No Bob Howard no Mo O'Brian and a good thing too since they'd be much too powerful by now I found it somewhat short and the ending a smidge abrupt though

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    The latest in Stross' Lovecraftian horrorspy thrillerbureaucracy com Laundry Files series again gives us a new point of view character this time vampire and former banker Alex Schwartz to whom I instantly warmed simply because he's another Alex S But that's only one of the reasons I enjoyed it considerably than its rather wonky predecessor

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Alex Schwartz had a promising future until he contracted an unfortunate bout of vampirism and agreed on pain of death to join the Laundry Britain's only counter occult secret agencyHis first assignment is in Leeds his old hometown The thought of t. Re read 72018I really can t sueal than I suealed the first time around but I will add that it s STILL AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TIME I love Alex I love Cassie And of course the whole setup and denouement was fantasticI mean just the whole horrific action scenes the stark immediacy of being a victim of genocide doing everything possible to save your people including an ignorant invasion of Earth I GET IT The possibilities after that end though that s what sticks with me Spoilers of course but it s the whole refugee status that kicks my butt Never mind the outright funny elements although they are great At the core this novel is extremely serious And for the action it s a ramp up on the epic scale brought home to LondonOriginal ReviewI m always looking forward to the Laundry Files novels now and with good reason These tales always breathe fresh life into old story conceptsMix a bunch of nightmare bureaucracy into a mass of Cthulhu Spy Fiction and add a memBrain of multiverses massive geek humor Pinky and Brains and a truly clever take on vampirismmagus but in this one let s mix in a younger protagonist the redoubtable 24 year old vampire math geek Alex and pretty spearhead of a nearly decimated alien invasion force who happen to be running for their lives from the Elder Gods all of whom are willing to go to war with innocents for their ultimate survival with England an the rest of humanity please read and be a woman who just happens to be up in line for the rulership of the entire alien Host of Air and Darkness full of eldritch magic and mightIs Alex out of his leagueCASE NIGHTMARE RED people CASE NIGHTMARE REDI love this It is sooooo damn fun Okay so I miss Bob and Mo a bit and they re somewhere in the background but Alex and Cass are soooooo damn cute together Younger crowd A little blood a little war a little mess up with the Basilisk network that turns all security cameras into Medusa s Stare shiver and we ve got an all out conflict that s actually a real nightmareIs this fine to read as a standalone Yes it is Is it scary for the crowd that has been reading all the novels and great novellas up to date Yes yes it is Very much so Every page is full of deliciously savvy tech math magic myth and wry dry humorFanboy is still sueeing

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Ing grace is Cassie Brewer a student appearing in the local Goth Festival who flirts with him despite his awkward personality and massive amounts of sunblockBut Cassie has secrets of her own secrets that make Alex's night life seem positively norma. The first part of The Nightmare Stacks is vintage Laundry series reminding us who Alex is and also re introducing a number of cast members from earlier novels including Pinky and the Brain The new character of the Dungeon Master is not particularly well introduced so I wondered if I have forgotten him from a previous novel but it seems not The middle section dealing with Alex in Leeds and the developing situation builds momentum towards the finale but the narrative written in various flash backs and flash forwards gives the reader an impending sense of doom which I always find impinges on any sense of surprise and reduces the emotional attachment to any characters This was not a problem in the earlier novels which were written much tongue in cheek and better for itIn the last third of the book I began to get even further detached as the body count rose Stross has said that the earlier Laundry series were written as pastiches of cold war spy series but that this the latest stands on it s own But once the finale kicked off the story seemed in defiance of Stross s statement to feel like a mid period Tom Clancy novel with the specification of various pieces of military hardware tanks and fighter planes being explained as if his audience had shifted to the teenage male marketThe twist at the end is clever and stays true to the themes of the Laundry series but I cannot say that this novel has passed the heights achieved by The Fuller memorandum which to me is still the best thing Stross has written I can understand why the story needs to get serious as we approach Case Nightmare insert colour here but I think there is a danger the books are going to lose their tongue in cheek humour and hence their uniue selling point on the way


Elling The Nightmare Kindle his parents that he's lost his old job let alone them finding out about his 'condition' is causing Alex anxiety than learning how to live as a vampire secret agent preparing to confront multiple apocalypsesHis only sav. Danger is looming and it threatens to be A fate four point two degrees worse than deathWhen Alex Schwartz took a lucrative job developing high freuency trading algorithms he had no idea how literal his transformation into a bloodsucking vampire was going to be In the world that Stross creates higher mathematics open a gateway to Other Dimensions haunted by Lovecraftian beasties including the V symbiotes that invaded Alex s brain and gave him PHANG Syndrome Person of Hemophagic Autocombusting Nocturnal Glamour which sadly isn t yet covered by the Euality Act Acclimatizing to his new job in the Laundry the super secret magical euivalent to MI5 is never easy but Alex entered the trade at a particularly difficult time as the number of humans and computers increases intrusions into the Dungeon Dimensions become increasingly common As Alex learns Training for the end of the world is an ongoing part of the job Right now most of the Laundry is focused on CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN the apocalyptic eventuality where magical saturation causes Cthulhu and Azathoth and all their friends to converge upon Planet Earth However The Nightmare Stacks takes a break from the looming threat of GREEN to focus on a NIGHTMARE of uite a different colour While the previous book took on superheroes this one combines James Bond style shenanigans with yet another geeky fandom I can t tell you which spoilers but I can say that the results are vastly entertaining The Nightmare Stacks is a bit of a departure from the other books in the series because it has barely a mention of Bob Howard arcane sysadmin and protagonist of most of the rest of the books Personally I was thrilled to get a new protagonist Alex is a bit of a passive nebbish nonentity but I found him rather likeable than the Bob of recent books The protagonist and NIGHTMARE switch makes this an ideal starting book for anyone interested in the series Apparently it depends heavily on The Rhesus Chart but as I ve not read it it s the only Laundry book I skipped and I got along fine I think this would be entirely readable without the context of the rest of the series I did find the narrative style a bit odd however we re told this is Alex s journal yet most of the story including the Alex POV sections are told in third person I admit to being a bit mystified by thatAlex our hapless protagonist has on his mind than PHANG Syndrome His new employers are sending him to the last place on earth he wants to be Leeds his childhood home where he s Doomed to be dragged back into the infantilizing maw of his family s expectations Alex s interactions with his family are so utterly cringingly awkward that they induced sympathetic winces from me as did his amusing attempts to flirt with his love interest who takes the MPDG thing to a whole new level Alex s experience of dating is similar to his experience of string theory abstract intense and entirely theoretical due to the absence of time and opportunities for probing such high energy phenomena I thoroughly enjoyed the parts of the book that focused on the amusing mundanities of Alex s life but like many of Stross s book at some point the content switched over to extremely graphic and disturbing scenes of battle and slaughter I ve never uite figured out if all the gore was intended to be funny I certainly don t find them so but the scenes are liberally swathed in dramatic irony and Stross is peculiarly detached from the slaughter I suspect the familial scenes and war scenes will appeal to vastly different audiences and that plenty of other reviews will be complaining about the aspects of the book that I adoredI find Stross reliably hilarious and The Nightmare Stacks was no exception I adore urban fantasy and the way it mashes together the banalities of life with a genre savvy take on traditional fantasy Along with explaining how a salt circle traps mages and describing the intricacies of governmental PLAN PURPLE PEOPLE EATER this book involves perhaps the most uniue usage of a selfie stick I ve come across If you find Stross s uniue combination of magic maths geekery Rube Goldbergian bureaucracy and bumbling spycraft as entertaining as I do The Nightmare Stacks is definitely worth checking out I received this ebook through Netgalley from the publisher Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review Thanks uotes were taken from an advanced reader copy and while they may not reflect the final phrasing I believe they speak to the spirit of the novel as a whole Cross posted on BookLikes