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Overshadowed by the US entry into World War I the great call up is finally given due treatment here by two premier authorities on the history of the Southwest border Marshaling evidence drawn from newspapers state archives reports to Congress and War Department documents Charles H Harris III and Louis R Sadler trace the call up’s state based deployment from San Antonio and Corpus Christi along the Texas and Arizona borders to California Along the way they tell the story of this mass mobilizat.

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The Great Call Up

On JunePresident Woodrow Wilson called up virtually the entire army National Guard some men to meet an armed threat to the United States border raids covertly sponsored by a Mexican government in the throes of revolution The Great Call Up tells for the first time the complete story of this unprecedented deployment and its significance in the history of the National Guard World War I and US Mexico relations Often confused with the regular army operation The Great PDFEPUBagainst Pancho Villa and.

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Ion by examining each unit as it was called up by state considering its composition missions and internal politics Through this period of intensive training the Guard became a truly cohesive national then international force Some units would even go directly from US border service to the battlefields of World War I France remaining overseas until Balancing sweeping change over time with a keen eye for detail The Great Call Up unveils a little known yet vital chapter in American military history.

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