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    3 Blind Love Stars Rosa is a skilled pianist who plays for herself beautifully and is good friends with a Duke AND THE Duke has a brother named Thaddeus who is immediately entranced by her playing of the piano Thaddeus is also entranced by her beauty Rosa used to be called Amaryllis Montgomery once named the royal and im

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    Originally published on Tales to Tide You OverTempted by You has a complicated storyline with compelling character

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    A good historical romance Tempted by You was an overall enjoyable read It wasn't anything special but it was a nice romance and I liked itRosalie was a resilient heroine who was determined to survive regardless of the untenable situations she f

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    This was a Goodreads first read giveaway A lively romance about a piano virtuoso Rosa who is damaged physically blind emotionally her fiancé was killed in the accident in which she was blinded and socially her father was forced by her would be father in law to disown and humiliate her She has become a courtesan in order to survive and so is a social outcast One of her closest friends is a Duke to whom she has appealed for help H

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    I hate that I am the first review and I could not give this is higher review I gave this a 3 star but I think I rounded up The story is about a woman who was a virtuoso pianist She was in a carriage accident whil

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    I really enjoyed this storyRosalie Montgomery is a sought after courtesan who has dealt with her own tragedy She lost her fiance and her eye sight in an accident Along with the accident she lost her dream to cont

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    Rosa had seen tragedy in her young life and through strength and determination was able to move forward and make a life for herself the only w

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Nothing to lose As a renowned pianist Rosalie Montgomery had the world at her feet until a tragic accident took it all away She lost so much her fiancé her dreams and her sight But Rosalie refuses to let her blindness define her Tempted by Kindle and s. Originally published on Tales to Tide You OverTempted by You has a complicated storyline with compelling characters I enjoyed reading about The focus on music made for a wonderful connection between Rosa and Teddy especially since it offers a glimpse into the minds of musical geniuses When I reached the end I was sad to let them goThat said I had a few uibbles in the read mainly because it felt like the story was trying to be too much all at once On top of a fallen woman and nobleman romance with music tying the two together heart and soul the book played at explicit sex enough to be light erotica and introduced a suspense element as well as a complicated back story that shadowed the present While any of these elements could have made for a solid book the length did not allow for all of them to be explored deep enough to succeed Clare made the right call though in focusing on the musical connectionThe first sexual encounter came too early for me because I didn t know the characters well enough and with detailed description that made me worry the budding story would devolve into straight sex I could not have been wrong The level of description remains the same but once I knew Rosa and Teddy it worked well into the clash between their instincts and worries mostly hersHaving read and written in this period both her concerns for his reputation and his dismissal of same rang true Plus her back story both before and after she became a courtesan supports her reaction I do however feel Clare was eually concerned by her past as there were several passages implying she d been courtesan in name and gossip only This muddied Rosa a bit because I wasn t uite sure what sacrifices she d made or whether she d just been tarnished by gossipThe suspense aspect is the weakest because there are many places where a deeper meaning is implied only to have no real conclusion Personally I would have eliminated that aspect rather than having it fold in on itself but others might be satisfied with how it played outSo with these issues I mentioned why do I recommend the bookThe music is a big part of it but also a heroine who has made the hard choices to survive and suffered for them Rosa is neither the innocent victim of fate nor untouched by the mistakes she s made It makes her a stronger character with real depth so that the reader understands why she does what she does even when it s the wrong answerTeddy on the other hand is a man of conviction It takes a lot for him to give up and even then he leaves the door wide open for Rosa to step through and plans subtle ways to break down her walls beyond direct confrontation It makes him likable even lovable because he refuses to stand aside when he sees a situation in need of correctionTempted by You had a lot to offer and the weaknesses boil down to attempting to offer too much rather than a significant flaw While it could have been a stronger book without so many other elements perhaps I m wrong Perhaps everything was necessary so I d understand their journey especially Rosa s Oh and what I didn t mention is that Rosa is blind This is a beautiful element that blends smoothly into the story and offers wonderful moments like when she asks to see Teddy for the first timePS I received this title from the author through NetGalley in return for an honest review

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Tempted by You

Ccess of his newest concerto if he can ever finish it When he hears Rosalie playing the piano Thaddeus knows he’s found his muse He offers to find her brother if she helps him with his music It’s a perfect solution so long as he doesn’t fall for her.

Free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ô Tiffany Clare

He becomes a sought after courtesan When her brother goes missing Rosalie will do anything to find him even if it means risking her heartEverything to gain Thaddeus de Burgh is on the brink of becoming a great composer Except that future depends on the su.