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The Atari Video Computer System™ Magic of Kindle #212 started it all There were other early game systems but the Atari VCS also known The Internal Kindle as the was the first commercially successful programmable home game playerThen along came Activision the first third party video game Internal Magic of MOBI #238 cartridge publisher Founded by unappreciated Atari game designers Activision greatly expan.


The Internal Magic of Activision Dragster

Ded the state of the art of programming for the Activision's first video game Dragster™ is a perfect example of this We all know by now that the Atari ™ was designed to display two bit objects like the tanks in the Combat™ cartridge So how is it that Dragster™ can have two bit wide smoothly moving objects on the screenThe Technical Wizardry Series includes a number of interactive volumes featuring h.

READ The Internal Magic of Activision Dragster

Ands on illustrations to explain the many techniues used to turn the lowly Atari ™ game system into the most versatile gaming platform of the last centuryVolume Two explains the extremely obscure technical tricks invented to make a game like Dragster possible Later volumes explore other popular games and how the simple video circuitry of the system was manipulated to make those much complex games possible.

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    An outstanding inside look at the tricks behind writing code for the Atari 2600 Some understanding of 6502 assembly is helpful

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