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  • Innocent Fire
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  • 09 March 2019
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2 thoughts on “Innocent Fire

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    Just loved this Jensen is the villainous aristocratic Alpha and Jensen the shy country Omega brought together by an arranged marriage The author warns that the piece is unbeta'd so be prepared for typos

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    A shower later and my skin is still sticky from all the sapWas it cute? Was it adorable? Was it sweet? YesDid I sueal? MaybeWould an extension of this fic be of aid to its plot and character developments? PerhapsR

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Innocent Fire

J FanficJensen is a rich debauched Lord known for his wild parties and.

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Wilder ways Jared is a shy country mouse Due to a long standing agreeme.

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Nt between their families they are arranged to be marriedWords complete.