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This already chaotic life into ruins is expected imminentlyKraven flies to London where he finds brief consolation in the arms of Candy Peaches a stripper from Sausalito and then to Harrogate the town to which he was evacuated as a child there to confront the ghost of his father and to slay Kraven's demons..

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It isand Nicolas Kraven lecturer in English Literature at Mosholu College in the Bronx is adrift upon a sea of troubles his affair with his neighbour's wife threatens to progress from Thursday night to permanence his students are a mixture of campus revolutionaries predatory sexual exhibitionists and an old.

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Man intent on proving Merlin was a Jew an elderly academic specialist in Love possessor of a devastatingly effective aphrodisiac and a libido that belies her years has alarming designs on his person the Kraven demons a familial curse are in hot pursuit and a spectre from his past the one man who can smash.

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    In Alan Isler's second novel he continues a few trends from his first The Prince of West End Avenue The protagonist is a professor of literatur

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    Comical and confusing