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THERE ARE SOME THINGS MONEY CAN'T BUY When Julia Harcourt's wealthy father tried to buy her a place in Derek Veblen's class the famed artist was ready to walk right out the door But.

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Innocent Fire

A look at Julia's paintings convinced him to wait and even to enroll herDerek seemed to believe all the lies the gossip columnists told about her and he lost no opportunity to taun.

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T her Yet he was the only man with the power to hurt her the only man ever to touch her heartSo why did he insist that she pose for him Could it be that he read the truth in her eye.

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    I don't know what was worse The toxic behavior of the psychotically jealous manipulative asshole rude rapey hero? Or the fact that everyone in heroine's family brainwashed her into thinking this kind of behavior indicates love and she should go back to him I mean gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

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