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R he can go without Joe waking up Will he get away with it or will Joe come to and catch Tom touching him while he sleepsWarning This word short story involves a gay man feeling up his supposedly straight best friend somnophilia a late night blowjob anal fingering an.

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Straight To Sleep Gay Somnophilia

When Tom's straight best friend Joe calls Sleep Gay PDFEPUB #189 up bereft over a recent break Straight To PDFEPUB or up Tom does what any good friend would invites Joe over to drink away To Sleep Gay MOBI #183 the sorrows Joe gets a little too drunk and affectionate.

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And ends up passing out in Tom's bed and begging Tom to sleep in bed with him Tom can't resist the reuest but then temptation takes over and he finds himself touching his sleeping friend When a kiss doesn't wake him Tom pushes it further and tries to see just how fa.