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At once heart wrenching and funny poignant and provocative here is a rare novel about finding the courage to take a remarkable leap of faith Smart funny Anna Bolles a born athlete and a dynamic teacher figures God decided to have the last laugh when her Out of MOBI #224 life was tragically and irrevocably changed five years ago Since then she has kept herself firmly grounded in the present with the door marked future shutAnna's days are filled with the vibrancy of summer in New York City where she takes joy in the details the sensual assault of an air conditioned museum and a perfectly baked muff. When I saw this was about a 29 year old woman who was an avid athlete before being diagnosed 5 years prior with a disabling disease I had to read it After all that s exactly how you can describe me although I don t have MS like the heroine I have another neurological disorder one that s better in some ways and worse in others With that in mind this is an extremely difficult book for me to dissect fairly Because the heroine s situation is so similar to mine I was infuriated with her behavior since that s now how I d have gone about things at all However fair or unfair I will pick it apart anywayAnna Bolles was a gifted athlete and enthusiastic teacher until her life was turned upside down by a diagnosis of relapse remitting multiple sclerosis 5 years ago As the book opens she has settled comfortably if a bit regretfully into the new patterns of her life In the midst of a relapse which has her wheelchair bound she visits a gallery having a photography exhibit While viewing a particularly emotional photo of a fog enshrouded bridge she meets Joe Malone a pilot businessman and amateur photographer Over coffee and a conversation about art an attraction blooms An attraction Anna vows to fight since having MS has prompted her to slam shut the door labeled normal romantic life Joe however is not at all interested in taking no for an answerIn some ways I really liked how Anna s disability was handled Mandel pulls no punches delving into the nitty gritty messy and completely unglamorous effects of MS The first half of the book made a lot of sense to me Anna handles her life without any why me tackling her reality matter of factly She gets up does her exercises goes to work and generally just gets on with itI really enjoyed her no nonsense mother with the potty mouth She was the perfect foil to mild mannered Anna She pushes Anna without being overbearing or manipulative Her brash tone cuts through the bullshit Anna weaves about herself I was laughing out loud at their conversations at times However a bit than halfway through I wanted to scream Anna falls in the street can t get up under her own power and has a revelation she can have no future with Joe or any other man because she will be an embarrassing burdenI understand books reuire conflict but holy hell can I never see this particular conflict againI know the able bodied thinks disability is the worst thing ever but guess what it isn t Yes you miss skiing and golf and sitting in the bleachers at Fenway but you adjust We do not walk around feeling unworthy of love or that we re lesser beings I am sick to freaking death of this trope where the disabled person feels unworthy or guilty What are authors trying to say Should the disabled feel guilty for accepting help Isn t it a bit patronizing for the disabled person to decide what the able bodied partner wants How is watching someone give up supposed to be heroicMaybe I m looking at this wrong Perhaps Mandel intended for Anna s rejection of Joe s love to be idiotic and irrational I didn t see it as noble sacrifice if that was the intent I saw it as depressing capitulationIn the end Anna redeems herself a bit in my eyes She stops relying so much on her mother swallows her pride a bit begins to accept that she s a cripple for life and she has to get on with it I had a bit of a hard time accepting the HEA but Joe is enough of a straight shooter that I can see him putting the kibosh on any attempts at self delusion in Anna s futureI m not sure this is strictly a romance It s told in the first person and the sex is 98% closed door It is women s fiction with a strong romantic plot Anna s character growth is the main event not the romanceAs a whole Out of the Blue is a well written exploration of living with MS I only wish Anna were portrayed as less of a wimp I couldn t help but take it all personally

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Ssibilities Maybe Joe a man who has only been skimming the surface of life has finally found a perfect place to land He thinks he wants a life with Anna no matter what and seems willing to risk everything to be with her But can he trust himself enough to give their deepest dreams the chance to flourishThrough laughter and tears from the depths of heartbreak to the pinnacle of joy Sally Mandell never fails to remind readers of the things that matter most in life Now she haswritten her most dazzling novel yet a very special story about two uniue people whose love comes from seemingly out of the blu. Sweet love story with the main character coming to terms with MS Very good information about MS

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In She relishes her role as an observer to the dramas played out around her from the adolescent courtships of her private school students to the turbulent love affairs of friends and colleagues Yet Anna never dares to open her heart except to the father who has drifted from her and the mother who sustains her until the one thing she didn't think could happen becomes a twist of fate that may just set her free Until Joe MaloneJoe Malone pilot businessman amateur photographer is a man who has everything except happiness Though he's notorious for his short attention span he sees in Anna a world of po. A girl with MS falls for a guy and after arguing about whether they should start a relationship they end up getting married The guy s argument was that since he used to change his grandma s soiled diapers when she became incontinent he s ready for any MS relapse his future wife has Yesa romantic proposal Full of cliches and themes that are often repeated in romance novels

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    When I saw this was about a 29 year old woman who was an avid athlete before being diagnosed 5 years prior with a disabli

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    A Teacher with multiple schlerosis and her sassy mother live in NYC The girl falls in love with an airline busine

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    This book was so gawd awful I made it one chapter and one page before tossing it aside And that was FORCING myself to read itPage 5 I set my brake in front of the photographknew I was going to be a while looking at itPage 6 He grabbed the handles of my chair and pushed meout the doors WHAT ABOUT THE BRAKE IDIOT??Page 9 I c

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    I can relate to some of this story as I also have MS However I cannot relate to Anna not wanting to take meds out of her denial of the diseasewhat? It’s really the other way around I wanted to be on meds ASAP so as to h

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    A girl with MS falls for a guy and after arguing about whether they should start a relationship they end up getting married The guy's argument

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    Makes you think and be grateful for good health but also know how truly strong people can be when faced with challenges that are not challenges for most of the world This is definitely a worthy read

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    Sweet love story with the main character coming to terms with MS Very good information about MS

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    God That was so beautiful reading this book I couldn't stop crying during the last part of it It was just awesome

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    Loved this story

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    I read this years ago in high school and remember liking it a lot For some reason this second reading was difficult I didn't really understand why Anna and Joe loved each other I suppose they had strong physical chemistry because many of their conversations felt flat Joe's emotionally closed off character was frustrating and I didn't feel like I got to know him Anna also annoyed me with her freuent episodes of