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    I've been rereading several of the books that are still on my shelves to answer the inner uestion Why do I still own this

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    Glad I finally read it While it is well written and “literary” in merit some things troubled me about it It’s probably just me but I believe this family is TOO BIG The “aunts” and “uncles” all ran together in my mind may be my problem Language is somewhat clunky at times a shade purple at others

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    I uite liked this book a genuinely touching coming of age story setin Michigan It was unusual in that it does not have a tightly structured plot I think I enjoyed the descriptive language the best It's a good read in fact I think I read it in three sittings

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Michael Bellman is not your average little boy He speaks to plates banisters and other household objects preferring them to people He freuently confesses to sins he never committed like adultery And he's hopelessly drawn to the romantic notion of the double life Though Michael blends into the furniture like the soft patterns in the fabric he The Genius Kindle longs for and imagines a secret wild self that could break free of convention Michael spends summers in Monsalvat Michigan coming of age in a loving tangle of great aunts great.

CHARACTERS The Genius of Desire

The Genius of Desire

Uncles cousins once removed but ever present and one tough looking silently scary great grandmother The Kaisers are a very wild highly eccentric bunch Great Aunt Teresa reads Michael the original Cinderella story at bedtime cutting out the gruesome details of blinded step sisters and severed feet Great Uncle Jimmy speaks to his dead wife during meals and proudly proclaims himself the Fattest Man in the World Cousin Ann torments and taunts Michael beyond recognition reckless Cousin Tommy secretly smokes cigars and can't wait to kick but.

READ ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB È Brian Bouldrey

T in 'Nam and Michael watches every magical move he makes A few years and one driver's license later as family alliances change and long silent desires surface Michael begins to understand his attraction to the double life because he's living one at road side rest stops in library washrooms and public parks Coming out is the first step coming to terms is the next In The Genius of Desire Brian Bouldrey performs an amazing feat beautifully and painfully showing how a very Catholic family can punish their own without ceasing to love them..