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    This slim volume is basically the edited transcript of a two day long interview session of Žižek by Indigo Sowon an educational center in South Korea Being an interview transcript what we have here is the conversational Žižek the

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    One of the easiest books by Zizek It is a smooth read in which he smoothly criticizes much of the modern context as he always does and offers some solutions His criticism are unusually on point which makes this an amazing

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    Unusually easy to read and easy to follow for Žižek organized into thirty odd bite sized sections More importantly it's one of the rare books in which he begins to talk about political action offering positive

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    Very accessible introduction to this important public intellectual

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    Pretty good as an introduction to Zizek’s thinking Easy to read since it’s basically a transcript from a two day interview with him

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    Demanding the Impossible is the transcription of an interview between undifferentiated members of Indigo Sowon an educational center in South Korea and Slavoj Zizek A uestion is posed at the start of each section of which

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    Perhaps the key point Zizek makes in this wide ranging interview is that everything needs to be rethought and he certainly does a lot of re thinking While sometimes incoherent and rambling Zizek is always refreshing and stimulating He enjoys turning things on their heads for example attacking the idealistic notion of nature in balance asse

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    I don't think there is any natural order Natural orders are catastrophicThinking is not solving problems The first step in thinking is to ask these sort of uestions is this really a problem? Is this the right way to formulate the p

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    My first impression after finishing “Demanding the Impossible” is that Slavoj Zizek is some sort of bombastic Leftist name dropper with ADHD He darts from subject to subject with no signaling or direction While he’s apparently well read

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    Zizek is one of those rare continental philosophers who's actually really fun to read and listen to This book really doesn't have much

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Lismo desde sus últimos desarrollos teóricos sobre lo Real en Lacan hasta la retractación del concepto de ideología elaborado en sus primeros libros desde la pulsión de muerte como apertura de la verdad hasta lo estéril del fantasma sexual Arriesgar lo PDFEPUB or Estas conversaciones manifiestan ue Žiže. Very accessible introduction to this important public intellectual

CHARACTERS Arriesgar lo imposible

Arriesgar lo imposible

K no es nada más y nada menos ue su síntoma la más elevada especulación filosófica los chistes más audaces y un sinfín de ideas fulminantes Interesarán a los ue huyen de lo trillado en filosofía y política y a los ue conociendo la obra de este pensador uieren verle en acción arriesgando lo imposible.. My first impression after finishing Demanding the Impossible is that Slavoj Zizek is some sort of bombastic Leftist name dropper with ADHD He darts from subject to subject with no signaling or direction While he s apparently well read and brings fresh ideas I don t believe he directly or earnestly answered a single one of the uestions asked in this set of interviews that make up the book As a casual reader as opposed to someone who is well versed the source material such as Lacan Marx or Antonio Negri I found my first experience with Zizek flowing in two directions at times I felt like all the bouncing from topic to topic with doctoral level philosophy references sprinkled in was a case of me being in over my head To be totally honest when it comes to politics and foreign policy I prefer the cold unassailable fact based style of someone like Noam Chomsky On the other hand I couldn t shake the idea that Zizek was simply doing what he s best known for pandering to millennial era students applying critical theory to a vast array of news headlines and pop culture moments While it was all very entertaining I have not been left with the impression that Slavoj Zizek warrants all the gushing praise given to him On the other hand I look forward to continuing to read his other interviews articles and books as his reputation as an intellectual provocateur is certainly well earned

CHARACTERS ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Slavoj Žižek

Desde su tortuoso comienzo en el mundo académico de la ex Yugoslavia hasta la revelación de ue la célebre Sociedad de Psicoanálisis Teórico en realidad no existe desde sus trepidantes reflexiones sobre la biogenética y el ciberespacio hasta su contundente crítica a la supuesta tolerancia del multicultura. This slim volume is basically the edited transcript of a two day long interview session of i ek by Indigo Sowon an educational center in South Korea Being an interview transcript what we have here is the conversational i ek the i ek of the youtube lectures and interviews that I leave running on in the background while I do tidying chores around my house of a Saturday afternoon one can almost feel the nose wipes punctuating this text and which some might be inclined to label i ek lite Don t for a moment believe these hypothetical naysayers or that this implies the discourse here is any less interesting or relevant or thought provoking just less formal and therefore accessible perhaps to a person first approaching i ek s body of thought The format goes Indigo Sowon s mysterious representative body incarnated by italicized interrogatives at the head of chapters asks a brief uestion i ek answers in 3 or 4 pages of concise for him relatively digression free for him wordage The topics covered here are broad and will be familiar to anyone keeping track of the man s Guardian articles lectures interviews recent books etc but Demanding The Impossible does manage to avoid feeling repetitive or unnecessary at least to this reader Let s call it a taking stock of i ek at this moment in history A summing up before moving forward that also acts as a great entry point for the curious Though diverse topics are broached there are some biggees that tend to be gravitated back to orbited around the failure of democratic capitalism as embodied by the 2008 economic collapse and what comes next the concern that what comes next is a new form of authoritarianism that is unlike any form we have historically encountered If you ask me what will be our future my model is this did you see that wonderful film Brazil by Terry Gilliam the successes and failures of the Arab spring but most importantly what they signify the problem of communism not historical communism but our inevitable confrontation with the problems of the commons the fact that many crises now exist outside of sovereign state solutions and will not be contained by national borders ecological disasters intellectual property cloud sourcing of information the localizing and privatizing of information biogenetic engineering vastly disparate wealth division in a globalized market embodied by the wide proliferation of slums the absence of a functional powerful Left and the fact that in this absence there seems to be a resurgence of totalitarian and fundamentalist movements the rise of China s brand of totalitarian capitalism and the fact that to approach solving these problems i ek feels we must politicize ethics not in the sense of politics as bickering and corruption but in the sense that to affect changes that better the world decisions must first be made conclusions come to and accepted and this is accomplished through politics which is of course institutionalized decision making First we must agree on what the state of things actually is and what must be done to move forward and from there it is our responsibility to define the common good what that means in a postmodern multicentric chaotic contemporary reality Because what is good and what is common to us now than ever is no longer a given Should you read this Yes you should It won t even take very long But read read further on all of these things And then i ek would argue think theorize redefine the possible