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O discover the truth Torn between her love for Ken and her contempt for Christianity one uestion continues to plague her Are the Archons the benevolent higher beings they claim to be or are they demonic forces.. Nope Nope Nopity nope WTF PBS Your Great American Reads list freaking depresses me Bad enough I hadda read Left Behind but at least I got a chuckle out of it The Shack was cheesy claptrap but at least it was readable And Swan Song was silly but still somewhat ok ish somehow Predicted dead on This Present Darkness would be the worst and it was BAAAD But this This Is Unreadable

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The Archon Conspiracy

In a race against time CIA agents and Soviet leaders scramble for the ultimate weaponpsychic power Locked into the international intrigue is computer genius Ken Inman whose goal to contact mysterious entities t. Not sure how this made the Great American Read listThis is a poorly written piece of crap Fanatical fundamentalist fake sci fi novel Don t bother to read this Not Ever

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Urns into a nightmare when Archons attempt to take over his mind Famed journalist Carla Bertelli becomes a key player in a psychic war that could destroy the world The Archon PDF as she goes behind the scenes t. This book is an incredible exampleOf why Christian apologists shouldn t write fiction Outside of the Christian genre it would be difficult to place this book It straddles the lines between occultsci fihorror and never seems to find a solid footing in any of them for than a few chapters It s unlikely many people will find this book outside of an older church library or thrift store so I won t go deep into details but I ll provide a small synopsis Ken Inman is a scientist who is deeply involved in an Army project that is attempting to use psychic ability to connect with alienotherworldly presence After an extremely successful contact he hallucinates and crashes his car nearly dying As he recuperates he is haunted by memories of the project and is eventually exorcised by his doctor and the doctor s wife I am not making this up After the exorcism he recovers remarkably fast and rejects the work he was doing previously This angers his co workers and partner who do not understand his change of mind Eventually the other scientists find a Spiritual leader to continue the work contacting and working with an alien conscienceness that calls itself Archon After the project is deemed a success the USA scrambles to do the bidding of the Archons Ken is beginning to believe the Archons and the person contacting them is evil and not true aliens but rather demons It s not that I lost the plot at this point since I had a feeling this is where the book was headed it s like a mildly interesting genre book suddenly developed schizophrenia Besides just demons we also got handed cold war espionage a hot and cold romance rampant preaching that bogged the plot down and a sudden very unclear agenda The crux of the plot becomes the Archons declaring war against idiot peace hating Christians and all of the worlds leaders or their second in command deciding to come to a conference to experience the Archons power first hand Carla Ken s non believer girlfriend is invited to go to the conference while Ken has pretty much been barred from the premises Regardless of the fact that Carla has literally been totally behind the Archons and what they offer she begins to feel uncomfortable during the display of power meant to impress the leaders The book takes another HUGE leap of illogic by making the Archons suddenly freak out and begin to kill everyone upwards of three hundred people Why would they do that even if they were demons if they were trying to get the world on board with them It doesn t make sense Anyhow I wish I was kidding about the next part Carla the non Christian foillove interest to Ken suddenly decides to convert by shouting God save me I might be paraphrasing a little And she is the only one who doesn t die besides the spiritist who was contacting the Archons Ken whips in to save her and they drive off leaving over three hundred people to be crushedburned to death In the end we get told that Ken and Carla are being held responsible for the disaster and that the bad guy is off scot free presumably to spread the word of the Archons to a gullible world The book holds together ok until about a third of the way through until it jumps the tracks at full speed barreling on until total derailment during the unbelievably bad climax Basically if you want to read good Christian fiction skip this book

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    In my humble opinion this is the kind of book that really gives the Christian fiction genre a black eye Hunt is a good writer when

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    Review to followHey look Here it isNew plan I really don't want to spend time writing about this It's the worst The writing is absolutely dreadful Like read out loud shake your head in disbelief badAction scene Lightning kicks to the throat broke new necks in midair lungeScene of light hearted domestic idyll From a pot on the stove came the gentle 'plop plop' of oatmeal cookingIt's that goodRead because it's part of the PBS Grea

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    Not sure how this made the Great American Read listThis is a poorly written piece of crap Fanatical fundamentalist fake sci fi novel Don’t bother to read this Not Ever

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    Dave Hunt another Christian author that should have stayed with scaring gullible believers with this doomsday books Fiction is not his strong suit and this book is ample evidence of this An interesting take on UFO's and remote viewing This story is supposed to based on accurate statements from people inside the military Right

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    Final Update December 30 2019I'm being generous when i give this book 2 stars but it was okay for what it wanted to be namely a novel that allows Dave Hunt an opportunity to share his ideas about demons and extraterrestrial life and New Age phi

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    This book is an incredible exampleOf why Christian apologists shouldn't write fiction Outside of the Christian genre it w

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    Fantastic work of fiction that offers a very credible explanation as to just what those UFOs really are Changed my thinking on the whole UFO is

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    Nope Nope Nopity nope WTF PBS? Your Great American Reads list freaking depresses me Bad enough I hadda read Left B

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    I feel like the author has never talked to a human beforeHis dialogue is awful the characters are exaggerated caricatures o

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    This was a tough one to start and eually difficult to get through Not my kind of genre but even worse the writing was weak I will say that the story got a bit interesting toward the end but not enough to earn then 1 star from me I only read it because it was on the Great American Read list and really not sure why it even made the list Can't r

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