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F the schemes of North Edinburgh and take us into a dark but hilarious world of drugs devi. The Acid House is a collection of short stories with each story featuring a new set of characters and scenarios I am a fan of Irvine Welsh s works so I really enjoyed this one Welsh s characters are edgy society s dregs hard luck losers pinned to seediness by their own low expectations The short stories are full of the characthers nihilism and self absortion violence and twistedblack humour Reading these stories will also give you a vintage 80s feeling It kinda resembles Trainspotting but a lil bit darker and comic It also involves lots of drugs I mean hey it s an Irvine Welsh bookHere s one passage I really enjoyed There s a story in which in only one day Boab is kicked out of the football team his parents house his job and his girlfriend s life After he s arrested and beaten up he meets God in a pub who turns him into a bluebottleHere goes God s line written of course in the characteristic scottish dialect That cunt Nietzsche wis wide ay the mark whin he said I wis deid God tells him Ah m no deid ah jist dinnae gie a fuck

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The Acid House

Made up of three of Welsh's most powerful stories all come from the rough tough badlands o. I m pretty sure the novella A Smart Cunt was in here Though I have zero recollection of it now at the time I read that I thought it was brilliant and because I was bored on vacation in London with nothing better to do I wrote what I believe was the only fan letter to an author I ve ever sent telling him this And he wrote me back In my letter I d asked him if he actually listened to techno music since all his characters did and it was inconceivable to me at the time I was 18 that anyone especially a writer who d written something I liked would do this later on in that trip I realized that nearly everyone on that side of the Atlantic listened to techno music and that in fact they PLAYED IT on the RADIO Welsh replied in a letter postmarked from Hawaii that he did indeed listen to techno music He also answered whatever other stupid uestions I asked him which I don t remember now Somewhat disappointingly his letter was not written in an incomprehensible Scottish dialect and in fact was easy to readAnyway I remember really being crazy about A Smart Cunt and the rest of this not being much to write home about but having its moments I think it s at the beginning of the first story where the guy goes to some other country or something and another guy from that other place is flipping him shit about being an imperialist and the guy s like I M from SCOTLAND we re STILL COLONIZED leave me ALONE jerkface For some reason that always kind of stuck with me

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Ant sex and football hooliganism fired by Welsh's passion and fierce steaming rock and rol. A number of dank and torrid tales of wrongdoing Irvine Welsh says if you don t get to the bottom of things are you really alive I mean society being what it is isn t the sensible man s response to go insane Well I don t know Welsh your philosophy is debatable but your prose is stunning My favorites here are a The Granton Star Cause an even acrid retelling of The Metamorphosis Eurotrash which remains to be savored like a putrid aftertaste of something that goes down delectable but is poisonous at the core And a Smart something The latter one is a retelling I think of a minor character s viewpoint from Trainspotting but it completely stands on its own and is at base a devastating chronicle of ineptitude and depravity and loneliness that makes you feel for the character not just go along for the dark and vicarious thrills I m hooked or maybe that is what Welsh intended As others have said on here the stories get a little repetitive because all the characters are fairly of a kind and there is not much empathy or redemption But that s all right nothing wrong with a specific vision as long as it s this amusing and relentless

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    Holy shit how could I have forgotten to add this to my list already this collection of breakneck vileness this wretchedness you wrench your head away from in shame that it happens to be so gripping and so funny In the mov

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    I'm pretty sure the novella A Smart Cunt was in here Though I have zero recollection of it now at the time I re

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    I really enjoyed these stories Like a lot of Welsh's work the language and the settings capture something really special which is why I've decided to bump it up from 3 stars to 4 stars as 3 would be unjustifiable I felt waves of nostalgia when reading certain reference points which I've only come to appreciate when penning this review it's got a very late '80s feel And the Scots dialect in written form is what makes it

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    Let me say that Irvine Welsh is my all time favorite author Books such as Trainspotting and Ecstasy are pinnacles of modern fiction alright not so modern any I guess His stories are always insane his characters flawed but wonderful and the usage of Scottish vernacular is the coolest way books have been written since A Clockwork Orange The Aci

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    The Acid House is a collection of short stories with each story featuring a new set of characters and scenarios I am a fan of Irvine Welsh's works so I really enjoyed this one Welsh's characters are edgy; society's dregs ha

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    This is the fucking tops a collection of stories delving into the depravity and disillusionment of post Thatcher Scotland The misfortunes are of a people inherently unprofitable without place in the neo liberal he

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    A number of dank and torrid tales of wrongdoing Irvine Welsh says if you don't get to the bottom of things are you really alive? I mean society being what it is isn't the sensible man's response to go insane? Well I don't

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    This book made me laugh so much It's a bunch of short stories and there are two that really stuck out for me In one a guy drops acid and ends up switching bodies with a baby or thinking he did I can't remember The baby with his adult brain gets off on breast feeding and watching his parents have sex The Adult with the baby brain ends up in the hospital drooling all over himself His girlfriends visits him and everyone thinks he is

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    I was disappointed when I cracked this open to find that it was a collection of short stories I did not realise this at the time I put this on my wishlist I'm not a massive fan of short stories They tend to be dull and have this unfinishedness about them I read them all anyways and while some were better than others The Granton Star Cause most of them were not that interesting Also really disliked 'Disnae Matter' becaus

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    «There’s always always of this fuckin shite to get through It never ends They say it gets easier to handle the older you get I hope so I hope tae fuck »

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