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D begin a relationship When their so The Colour PDFEPUB or called friends at school find out what is going on the persecution begins Donald nearly breaks down under the strain despite help from an unexpected ua.


The Colour of His Hair

Rter his English teacher who is also gay But the relationship survives into early adulthood and ten years Colour of His ePUB #180 on it undergoes some surprising twists and turns in less liberal AIDS conscious.

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A liberal of His PDFEPUB #193 time for gay men and women than the mid eighties That doesn't mean an easy ride however for the central characters Mark aged eighteen and Donald aged seventeen who fall in love an.

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    The title refers to an AE Housman poem 'The colour of his hair' and is the focus of an English lesson when prejudice raises its head in the 6th Form This novel is a lively read as one would expect from this author His characterisation is spot on and you see the characters changing as circumstances alter At its centre is the relationship between Douglas and Mark They meet in secondary school Mark is one year older They

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