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    5 Exactly what I was yearning for STARS Many Some readers may disagree with my rating but I can live with that I thoroughly enjoyed Kate Belle's pure realistic and meaningful story I absolutely picked up this book because I love taboo reads but this tale doesn't revolve around a lust crazed teacher student relationship The heart of

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    In 1978 in a small country town a young girl's life is about to change when new English high school teacher moves next door to her Gazing at him from her bedroom window she is instantly drawn to him She may only be sixteen years old but the sig

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    It was 1979 in a small country town when Solomon Andrew moves in next door to a shy and awkward 15 year old girl who’s name is unknown throughout the book only at the end and who also happens to be her new substitute teacher According to the girl’s he is beautiful charming and has a lot of sex appeal in his tight hipster hugging Jeans and is also very hip and modern in his thinking and approach Solomon knows the effe

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    Warning this review is spoilery ranty and very longI haven’t even started this review yet and I’m already aware that I will forget something along the wayIt doesn’t matter that I’ve put post its on every page where I found something I needed to comment or that I’ve written three pages on my “reviews notebook” of thoughts and reactionsThere are simply too many things to praise but also to criticize about The Yearnin

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    My first comment about The Yearning is this It’s a shame a novel like this has to be categorized erotic fictionlargely so a bookseller knows where to plonk it on a shelf—cyber or real It’s a shame because there will be people who’ll have their perception skewed as a result of a generic genre label and miss out on a wonderf

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    Review posted on Way Too Hot BooksOh I uite liked this book how best to summarize it? It’s haunting beautiful poetic sensual and m

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    I cannot believe that this book has not had attentionI found it hidden amongst the bottom shelves of my book store completely in the wrong secti

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    The Yearning is the story of a woman's inability to let go of the past yearning after the illicit affair she had

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    Wow men of the 70s were very hairyI admit I only picked this up because of that gorgeous cover But can you blame me? Just look at that beautyDespite all its raving reviews I didn’t think I would like this book The blurb although enticing sounded like all the other books that drew me in with their promising words and gorgeous cover

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    The Yearing by by Kate Belle is a daring and esuisite read about how first experiences can shape the rest of your life The story goes of a sixteen year old girl whos life is turned upside down when Solomon Andrews moves in next door To her he is sexy' eleuant and a god Initially she would stare at him through her bedroom window and

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Summary ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Kate Belle

“I want to reveal myself to you I need your eyes to see your hands to touch your spirit to acknowledge that which I hold most deeply and secretly in my heart My yearning for you”It’s in a country town and a dreamy fifteen year old girl’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of the substitute English teacher Solomon Andrews is beautiful inspiring a. In 1978 in a small country town a young girl s life is about to change when new English high school teacher moves next door to her Gazing at him from her bedroom window she is instantly drawn to him She may only be sixteen years old but the sight of him starts to arouse feelings that she d not felt beforeSolomon Andrews is well aware that he is being watched by the girl next door and at first thinks nothing of it He s use to this kind of attention and knows that she will become bored and find something else to occupy the hours in her day But in fact it s uite the opposite and the girl gazes out her window every time she gets an opportunity and her feelings toward him start turning to desire She imagines what it would feel like for him to touch her knowing of course this couldn t happen She then start to write these thoughts and feelings down She then starts to write him scented love letters which she places in his letter box Solomon reads the letters but at first he doesn t take much notice of them In time things change and Solomon finds himself being aroused by these letters He knows how wrong it would be to act on his feelings but before he knows it the two of them are in a sexual relationship They both know this must be kept secret because if anyone was to find out there would be dire conseuences for both of them Solomon will show and teach the girl all about sex and she begins to have very deep feelings for him Then one day someone discovers their secret and their lives will change foreverIt is not until later in the book that we find out that the girls name is Eve Twenty five years later Eve is married to Max Their marriage has had its fair share of problems They have one child with another one on the way but still their marriage is very rocky Eve often wonders what Solomon would be like now after all these years She wonders if he would be married and have children She uite often finds herself thinking of him and the time they spent together when she was younger and still he stirs those feelings inside her like it was just yesterday But when their paths cross again will those same feelings still be there I really enjoyed this book and yet when I first started I was a little unsure about it but the further I got into it I just wanted to know how it was going to end This is a beautifully written story which explores forbidden love and sexual desire

Summary The Yearning

The Yearning

Nd she wants him like nothing else she’s wanted in her short lifeCharismatic and unconventional Solomon easily wins the hearts and minds of his third form English class He notices the attention of one girl his new neighbour who has taken to watching him from her upstairs window He assumes it a harmless teenage crush until erotic love notes begin to arrive in. Warning this review is spoilery ranty and very longI haven t even started this review yet and I m already aware that I will forget something along the wayIt doesn t matter that I ve put post its on every page where I found something I needed to comment or that I ve written three pages on my reviews notebook of thoughts and reactionsThere are simply too many things to praise but also to criticize about The Yearning and my mind works in a messy chaotic way so forgive my confusion and the emotions I m sure will be all over the placeI need to thank Leah Raeder my friend who did this fantastic contest where she gave away her favorite teacher student relationship books and I ve been lucky enough to be the winner The Yearning is the first one I ve read and since the very first pages I realized why she liked it so muchThe writing is incredible There are those kind of talents you re drawn to Their lustrous use of words their ability to turn even the slightest detail into something precious and bright their need to explain and depict every single emotion of their characters with vivid imagesThe readers have the impression of being inside the book breathing the characters same air and having their hearts beating together with theirs It s exhilarating it s seductive and it s addictingThe way Mrs Belle writes about sex it elevates sex itself If you ve sometimes seen it as dirty or degrading you should really buy a copy of this book and read the sensual powerful mind blowing sexual encounters between the main character and her teacher Solomon Swallowing hard he gradually drew away from her only to return with the same calculated slowness The rush of fluid that tumbled so freely from her seemed to fill the room with a dense humidity The moon shone across her face sheened with sweat the light spilling over her lips and long neck Her eyes were shit fast and he sensed she was lost given over to something larger than them both With each thrust he drove further into her swaying with her rocking back and forth sinking deeper and deeper into the moment He sensed a uiet open space waiting beneath them and with all his focus on her inner spaces he propelled them towards it A uiet descended upon the room Time hesitated taking a slow breath in He floated light ethereal Sounds became distant as a sacred silence filled him The sound of the wind outside became the sound oh his breath Oh God Oh God Oh God till he was blinded by a pleasure so intense it was almost painful Her high pitched shouts broke through him in waves and his entire body shuddered his toes tensing and his cheeks uivering He cried out his body drowning breathlessI was left breathless too by their first time together but Belle s incredible intensity is evident in every other description of the sex between themThe story of The Yearning is very simple yet nothing about its execution turns out to be simple or easily predicted She chose to write about something as tricky as a relationship between a twenty something teacher and his adolescent student and explored its conseuences in a time span of 25 yearsThe MC is a 16 year old with a disposition for love letters and big dreams just like everyone at her ageShe s potential as a writer though she possesses an innate passion and intensity that only people so young haveShe feels mistreated and misunderstood by her parents who are overbearing and strict to the point of suffocating her Do you remember how you were at 16 You thought of yourself as the most sensitive and brilliant young person in the world that your parents were obtuse and jealous of your enthusiasm and ideas their lives dull and grey compared to your ever multi colored existenceNothing was ever enough for you no activities or plans and you knew deep inside that you were going to do something great in your lifeThe girl is sweet and smart she wants to become a writer but her parents don t even want to send her to college She also feels awkward and ugly compared to her classmates can t still see the allure in make up and feminine clothes She dreams of a man who could see past her simple appearance and appreciate her for what lies within her soul And when she meets her new neighbor and teacher Solomon she knows she s found him She starts spying on him writing him love letters she falls in love with this idea of a man she s created in her innocent and unspoiled mindThey have sex he teaches her all he knows about the art of loving a woman he becomes her mentor providing her with an education in literature religion music He s intellectual and modern while all the people from her city are farmers simple and close minded and she s head over heels for himBut her parents find out about their affair and after having forbidden her to see him again send her away from her small town to live with her aunt in a bigger cityHere comes the big surprise of the book the second partWe meet her again fifteen years after that event She works in a school have published a few of her works is approaching an age where all her friends are married with kids and feels alone She never found Solomon again but that didn t stop her from keeping loving him She s angry at him for never having looked for her too never having stood against her father but the yearning she feels for him is stronger than any disillusion Desperate to settle down and start creating a family of her own she marries the first man who behaves kindly towards her Max writes poems so he s apparently a kindred soul to her he hates his father too he crafts wood furniture and is looking for the kind of love that could free him from the ghosts of his pastSex between them is nothing compared to the one between her and Solomon and soon after their wedding she starts resenting him for not caring about her sexual satisfaction for taking what he desires without even asking her if she likes it or not She misses the attentive and expert lover who introduced her to a world of multiple orgasms She s trapped in her 16 year old self She thinks that Solomon is going to come back at some point declare his love for her and take her away But it doesn t happen and she ends up being so depressed that she asks her husband to have a child He s reluctant would rather have a childless marriage where the two of them could have fun travel and be free but she accuses him of having ruined her life of being selfish HA and that a child would make them feel closer He accepts and they have their first child a year laterThings don t go as planned and the new baby brings resentment hatred and one of Max s old demons back alcohol He s jealous of his wife s attention towards their son so much that starts drinking and treating her with disrespect He threatens her yells at her smashes furniture and one night even hits his babyThe woman leaves him and goes back to her parents houseThe third and final part of the book revolves around Max s attempts to reconcile with his wife and son also because she s pregnant with another child and with the meeting between the protagonist and her beloved SolomonI didn t plan to write so much about the plot but realized along the way that I needed to if I wanted to explain what I didn t like about this bookI felt very close to the MC for the entire first part of the story I felt 16 again my heart broke with hers my dreams mixed with hers my sexuality awakened along with hersI also felt very protective over her because I sensed Solomon s nature of selfish victim turned into predator and despite his gentleness knew he would have eventually abandoned herI m sure their separation broke her and at the same time condemned her to a superficial life to an existence that somehow felt wrong and incomplete with no happiness and fulfillment But my understanding ended there She started doing and thinking awful things She behaved like a selfish child preoccupied with her own problems constantly thinking about SolomonWhy did she marry Max Why did she force him to give her a child when it was clear he didn t want any Was she aware of the fact that that baby would ve become an adult with two parents who didn t love each other Who yelled at each other and psychologically abused each other Of course notAll she cared about was Solomon and herself If she couldn t have him she wanted at least a babyPoor her always wanting something she couldn t have Who was she kidding She had to exorcise Solomon Even if he returned what could she offer him She was a needy hopeless mess mother to a two year old and dependent on a man who she was beginning to think no longer loved herWhy would Max love her anyway She complains about sex about their life together about his failure as a father for their son Why would a man love a woman who s never forgotten her first love and has chosen him out of desperation I ended up despising her She kept repeating how she couldn t forgive Max for drinking and being violent towards her but what did she do to be regarded as the saint of the couple She was entitled to fuck up to fantasize about another man to wait for him but he couldn t make a single mistakeSee I m not condoning abuse against women or children If my husband called me with the horrible epithets Max used I d have punched him and left I d have later contacted him explaining how I couldn t trust someone who drunk every night and saw his own son as a menace to his relationship with his wifeBut what she did instead She let her parents making decisions for her contacting Max and planning their new life together They rented a house for the couple in their little village told her to accept him again and she a forty year old accepted all of this I think she deserved her miserable life because she didn t have the courage to rebel As if it all weren t enough she doesn t have a name until the very end of the bookIt made her impalpable this nameless nature her voice less strong And I can t believe the fact that her name was revealed only when she finally decided to let Solomon go because it wasn t convincing It was as if all her passion didn t mean anything but in my eyes it did and she deserved her name since the beginning when she did right and when she fucked up royally She doesn t get to ruin her children s lives and be okay with it because she was under Solomon s spellAs for Solomon he s a complex and extremely interesting character He was deeply influenced by his mother and an awful experience as a child that turned him into a detached man He couldn t and wouldn t allow himself to love and be loved but rather focused on carnal pleasure and evanescent emotions His actions make sense than the MC s ones and although he deserves that kind of answer at the end it doesn t mean that I m okay with itI had this unsettling feeling that men in this story were destined to be regarded as always guiltyGuilty of not being good in bed or only be good in bed Guilty of being flawed The MC on the contrary for how wrong could be was always justified and victimized and for that reason I couldn t sympathize with herThe ending sounded untrue and very old school feminist like She s decided he s only hurt her so she s free of him and of every other mean men Too bad it only took her 25 years a broken marriage a desperate husband and two little children who will grow up with a mother who saw them as a means to feel accomplished As a child of a mother who had me to feel accomplished and eual among her other friends well I m disappointed with Eve s poor life choices

Summary ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Kate Belle

His letterboxSolomon knows he must resist but her sensual words stir him He has longings of his own although they have nothing to do with love or so he believes One afternoon as he stands reading her latest offering in his driveway she turns up unannounced Each must make a choice the conseuences of which will haunt them until they meet again twenty years later.. The Yearning is the story of a woman s inability to let go of the past yearning after the illicit affair she had with her high school English teacher when she was sixteen years old for close to three decades after it imploded The writing itself is beautiful The characterizations of the two protagonists were excellent Solomon Andrews is in 1978 when the story begins the type of man that his high school students worship but that their parents call a dirty hippie They looked at this apparition of a teacher unlike any they d seen before They were used to old teachers teachers who wore baggy trousers and horn rimmed glasses and ties He was young He had long hair and a beard His pants were tightThe female character who remains nameless until the conclusion of the book is both his student and his next door neighbor For months she spies on him from her bedroom window writing him increasingly erotic love letters that she drops off in his mailbox in little pink envelopes sprayed with cheap perfume This passion consumes me the note read It dissolves and embraces me A flame grows inside me it gently licks at my heart until I am warmed and swollen with desire The God of Love moves through me when I think of youSolomon is well aware of his neighbor s infatuation and he is half amused half annoyed by it He wants her to remain the uiet chewing in her nails passive mousy inconseuential little girl who has an unreuited crush on him yet he can t help returning his gaze to her again and again He was looking at her at a shaft of slanting sunlight illuminating the rich auburn curls that surrounded a perfectly formed ear Her skin had the sheen of white silk It was almost translucent in the light He was caught off guard as his breath hitched in his chest Here in this light she looked beautifulIn contrast to the way the female character is described throughout the book with awe and reverence those long coltish legs and wild auburn hair the gleam of her alabaster skin the other women particularly the ones involved with Solomon are completely and shamelessly skewered One has gunshot holes that passed for eyes Another is a cynical bar pick up sitting alone drinking red wine and smoking menthols Yet another woman is described as having probably ridden all the half decent men in the town and now in her early forties had run out of options As elegant as the writing is when you get down to it it is nothing but slut shaming and rather childish But it goes well with the point of view of the female character who throughout her life embellishes and romanticizes herself and her lover at the expense of all the others who just don t get the purity of their exalted loveThe first part of the book is devoted to these two characters Solomon and his teen aged neighbor coming together not just in a sexual way but in every way as they explore learn and bond together However this is not a romance book so this honeymoon period of theirs is short lived Not only because the affair was doomed from the start to be discovered with severe repercussions but because Solomon is not the kind of romantic hero who is going to fight for his damsel and swear eternal love He only has the looks for it Solomon actually is very happy and very unashamed to pursue numerous no strings affairs and when the shit hits the proverbial fan his instinct is to run without looking back soon to forget himself and the teenage girl that he leaves behind with an eternal consuming yearningThe second part of the book takes us twenty two years later and shows us the female character still in the throes of her single minded obsession even though she has not seen or heard from Solomon in all these years even as she reluctantly settles for marriage and kids This part of the book for me was difficult to read I just could not connect with the character her actions and motivations It was like she was stuck in the time warp of 1978 and could not move on I guess I just don t understand that kind of self destructive behavior and sick fixation Still the author did a great job of painting the struggles of a marriage where the two people let disappointments and unsatisfied yearnings fester into anger and resentment If not exactly earth shattering the portrait of a crumbling marriage was well executed The conclusion of this story for me was the weakest part When Solomon reappears in her life we are never told how or why The way their interactions play out down to the final letter written by the female character to him seemed artificial a way to settle scores especially the description of Solomon s humiliating encounter with a rather repelling one night stand and which is the catalyst for him finally admitting to himself what he has been trying to deny ever since he fell into the affair back in 1978 I didn t buy it It seemed like wishful thinking than anything else Still overall the evocative poetic uality of the writing really moved me and made this journey into Kate Belle s The Yearning very worthwhile