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3 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom (Black Lace)

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    Not a good book A couple of the lines in it had me shaking my head I'm not sure why I finished reading it

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    I might have enjoyed this one had I finished it but I just wasn't that into it I've been reading uite a bit of erotica back to back and I think I need a break from it as it was becoming redundant

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    I had an overdose of erotic romance with this book and wished for back stories and an in depth look into the characters asi

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Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Deanna Ashford

'Sarin was infuriated by his own weakness knowing he could not fight her forever and fearing that one day soon his resolve would give way Uselessly he pulled at the chain that held his wrists together knowing full well his bonds were far stronger than his own self willed determination Come to my bedcham.

Summary Wild Kingdom (Black Lace)

Wild Kingdom (Black Lace)

D woman and once they're out of the danger zone she takes Rianna prisoner Her plan is to present her as a plaything to her warlord half brother Ragnor In order to rescue his sweetheart Prince Tarn needs to join forces with his old enemy Sarin whose capacity for perverse delights knows no civilised bound.

Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Deanna Ashford

Ber slave he heard Danara say' Salacious cruelties abound as war rages in the mythical kingdom of Kabra Prince Tarn is struggling to drive out the invading army while his betrothed the beautiful Rianna has fled the fighting with the mysterious Baroness Crissana But the baroness is a fearsome and deprave.