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    Sasaki Ayumi’s Moon Centaur is a collection of tales of pain anguish yearning and fear I was interested in it because the look of the cover and the artwork reminded me of Souma Jinko’s Kinjirareta Taion and at the time I could not

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    Another one that surprised me since I thought I wasn't going to like it that much based on the first chapter and because it contain

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U'll do bothOn a moonlit night not a single man in MOON CENTAUR will remain the sameLocalized by Boys Love Bang BangTranslated by Anne LeeEdited by Kimberly LammensLettered by Alexandra Gunawan..

summary Moon Centaur

Moon Centaur

If you stare at the moon too long it will consume youIn this haunting collection of stories emotions sparkle bright and warm but they also sink into cold darkness as love and hate twist together.

read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Å Ayumi Sasaki

To become one When life slips out of control and there's a whisper in your ear telling you to give in and blame it all on the moon what will you do Will you comfort or crush Maybe just maybe yo.