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D Writer and semi professional beer drinker J Wilson embarked on a day beer and water fast to test the legend of doppelbock's origins church connections and nutritional value as well as his own will power and live to tell the tale..

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Diary of a Part Time Monk

Lories and vitamins this unfiltered liuid bread is said to have sustained the monks from Ash Wednesday to Easter and than years later the monastic history and uality of this beer style is well known Diary of Epubthroughout the worl.

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Working to a Part PDFEPUB #192 nourish their bodies through lengthy Lenten fasts the monks of Neudeck ob der Au outside of Munich are credited with developing the rich and malty doppelbock style of beer Packed with carbohydrates ca.

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    uick and entertaining read I picked this up as a appreciating beer lover but left refreshed by his spiritual introspection

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    Enjoyed the research and blog diary formatsuddenly ended

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