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And neglect reveals the effect this maltreatment had on their ability to adjust to a normal adult life Say Nothing was written as a voice of support for all abused children who are afraid or were never given the chance to tell their stor.


Say Nothing

Tal abuse at the hands of an elderly inexperienced foster motherFor ten years the children's cries for help were ignored and misunderstood in the naive social work climate of the late s and this heartbreaking personal account of cruelty.

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Say Nothing is the moving true story of four neglected siblings who were taken into care following the breakdown of their parents' marriage Sent to a small croft in the north east of Scotland they endured an onslaught of physical and men.

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    I found the story compelling in that it shows the power of the human spirit to overcome hopelessness and all kinds of abuse and adve

  2. says:

    WowVery good read Sad story to read as its a true one Hard to believe people can be so cruel

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