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Les Positively No Dancing conjures up as the Los Angeles Times noted in their review Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son “involving as it does a protagonist who is hapless self destructive.

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Positively No Dancing

In AprilFreebird Books republished this collection of short stories by local author Jim Mason Inspired by Jim’s own experience around and about Brooklyn’s waterfront and watering ho.

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But not without a certain charm The Positively No ePUB #192 language too is Johnson esue stripped down and largely without affect as if emotion has been bleached from the very words”.

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    This collection of stories by first time writer Jim Mason is raw regretful reflective and wonderful Some have compared him to Dennis Johnson which is fine and others probably would compare him to Charles Bukowski which would be too easy and too false These stories are bar stories and they are self referential stories and they deal with the lives New Yorkers in dark watering holes long walks from major train stations but

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    This collection of short stories is a sketch of part of the adulthood of one man; like a series of snapshots they illustrate an assemblage of events in the narrator's life and clearly illuminate how pivotal place is to his identity The stories vibrate with commingled regret and rage The change that his neighborhood suffers ruins his world and steals it from him The language is spare raw stripped of any sentiment much as the narr

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    What a great hidden find

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