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Of this field gained from years of experience make this text detailed not only in buying ingredients but also on the procurement of euipment as well as finding identifying and assessing the proper vendor The text will answer uestions about establishing and maintaining vendor relationships ethical considerations and enables the buyer to make decisions accurately Since the food industry is full of trends that chang

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The KITCHENPRO SERIES GUIDE TO PURCHASING st edition is the sixth text in the series By combining real life situations in food industry purchasing and adding in candid explanations of situations that have been encountered through many years in the food industry Chef Thomas Schneller along with Brad Matthews have written a text specific Kitchen Pro Kindle to procurement in the food industry Their vast knowledge

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E freuently GUIDE TO PURCHASING will help the buyer to understand the importance of trends and how to make the right decision in ordering ingredients by writing product specifications for food service vendors GUIDE TO PURCHASING is than a reference tool and a guide for those in the field it but is written in an engaging style so that the reader will learn a variety of purchasing options and product specifications

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