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Ined wealth The royal people understood that knowledge was power and therefore did what they could to keep the masses ignorant and superstitiousThrough research Piso Christ shows that the god concept did not originate in what is represented in the Bible It demonstrates how millions of people are being misled into accepting the concept of a god and how they live in fear of an unnatural belief..

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Evidence shows the New Testament texts were not written by simple non royal subjects but instead were created by extremely well educated royal Romans In Piso Christ author Roman Piso with Jay Gallus presents a new perspective to show that the creation of Christianity has different origins than previously taught Through this collection of essays and articles Piso shows that only a few individu.

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Als invented and built the Christian religion and these same individuals authored the New Testament of the Christian Bible Piso Christ addresses the issues of how these few people wielded that much power and how they were able to succeedIn this new book Piso contends that the royalty wanted to protect their centuries old institution of slavery upon which the empire functioned lived fed and ga.

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