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Stanley Yelnats was the only passenger on the bus not counting the driver or the guard The guard sat next to the driver with his seat turned around facing Stanley A rifle lay across his lapStanley was sitting about ten rows back handcuffed to his armrest His backpack lay on the seat next to him It contained his toothbrush toothpaste and a box of stationary his mother had given him Hed promised to write to her at least once a weekHe looked out the window although there wasnt much to seemostly fields of hay and cotton He was on a long bus ride to nowhere The bus wasnt air conditioned and the hot heavy air was almost as stifling as the handcuffsStanley and his parents had tried to pretend that he was just going away to camp for a while just like rich kids do When Stanley was younger he used to play with stuffed animals and pretend the animals were at camp Camp Fun and Games he called it Sometimes hed have them play soccer with a marble Other times theyd run an obstacle course or go bungee jumping off a table tied to broken rubber bands Now Stanley tried to pretend he was going to Camp Fun and Games Maybe he d make some friends he thought At least hed get to swim in the lakeHe didn t have any friends at home He was overweight and the kids

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Holes AUTHOR Louis Sachar

At his middle school often teased him about his size Even his teachers sometimes made cruel comments without realizing it On his last day of school his math teacher Mrs Bell taught ratios As an example she chose the heaviest kid in the class and the lightest kid in the class and had them weigh themselves Stanley weighed three times as much as the other boy Mrs Bell wrote the ratio on the board unaware of how much embarrassment she had caused both of themStanley was arrested later that dayHe looked at the guard who sat slumped in his seat and wondered of he had fallen asleep The guard was wearing sunglasses so Stanley couldnt see his eyesStanley was not a bad kid He was innocent of the crime for which he was convicted Hed just been in the wrong place at the wrong timeIt was all because of his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather He smiled It was a family joke Whenever anything went wrong they always blamed Stanleys no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather Supposedly he had a great great grandfather who had stolen a pig from one legged Gypsy and she put a curse on him and all his descendants Stanley and his parents didnt believe in curses of course but whenever anything went wrong it felt good to be

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Able to blame someoneThings went wrong a lot They always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong timeHe looked out the window at the vast emptiness He watched the rise and fall of a telephone wire In his mind he could hear his fathers gruff voice softly singing to him If only if only the woodpecker sighsThe bark on the tree was just a little bit softerWhile the wolf waits below hungry and lonelyHe cries to the moooooonIf only if onlyIt was a song his father used to sing to him The melody was sweet and sad but Stanleys favorite part was when his father would howl the word moonThe bus hit a small bump and the guard sat up instantly alertStanleys father was an inventor To be a successful inventor you need three things intelligence perseverance and just a little bit of luckStanleys father was smart and had a lot of perseverance Once he started a project he would work on it for years often going days without sleep He just never had any luckEvery time an experiment failed Stanley could hear him cursing his dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfatherStanleys father was also named Stanley Yelnats Stanleys fathers full name was Stanley Yelnats III Our Stanley is Stanley Yelnats IVEveryone in his family had always liked the fact that